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little momma - August 11

when is it ok to let a baby sleep with a pillow at night? greg is 14 months and when he finds a pillow he will lay down on it and act like hes going to sleep. hes been getting up screaming and crying every night for the past week just to get in bed with me. do you think its bc hes uncomfortable with out a pillow? and what size should it be when i get him one?


jessb - August 11

I am really paranoid about suffocation and stuff like that so I didnt give my dd a pillow until she was 2-even though I know that well beforethat age they have enough neck strength to move their heads and not get stuck under a pillow. . She was really fine without one, but they are all different and yours might want one earlier. They sell "toddler pillows" that are smaller than regular size, you could try those.


kim00 - August 11

With our first dd, we put one under her at 11 mnths, when she had a cold, since then she prefered to sleep with one. dd 2 started bunching her blankets up and sleeping on them at 11.5 mnths, so we just put one in with her and she's doing just fine with it.


DDT - August 11

Just like your lo my ds (now 18 months) also started laying on a pillow at 14 months. I started putting a pillow into his crib when he was 15 months. He loves it and snuggles right into it. I just used a flat, slighly firm pillow we had around the house. You don't want to get a fat fluffy pillow because then there is the worry of suffocation.


CWeber - August 12

My lo has been using a pillow since about 7-8 months old. First it was one Grandma made and very tiny (maybe 8 inches long and very thin) and then by 1yr old he was using a normal sized pillow. However, the pillow he uses is super thin (they don't make them that thin anymore!) and compresses to about 1 inch. He LOVES his pillow and even packs it out of his bed to the living room to lay on.


eclipse - August 13

my son has been using a pillow since he was a year old and kept getting such severe ear infections and colds. He loves it. I do admit, it is a more flat pillow, one that has been smooshed down by many years of use. But he loves it. We have one in the living room and when he is really tired, he goes to it and says "night night" as he lays down on it. I have just a normal one with a pillowcase in it, and never had problems. He is 20 months now, btw. :D


kimberly - August 13

I was glad to see this post as my dd always wants to lay on our pillows. She sometimes naps in our room because I have 2 other boys that are loud and our room is less noisy and I always lay the pillows to the sides of the beds so she won't fall in her sleep and I find her laying on them when I check on her. She will be a year old this Saturday. I wasn't sure if she was old enough for one but I love the suggestions and think I will get her a pillow to use. In fact her grandma made her one that would be perfect. I was just scared to try it! lol! My boys were about 2 when they had one.


Justine1 - August 13

We're told here (England) pillows are fine from 12 months. You can get little pillows here for them from a children's store.



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