Vent Sorry But I Must

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punkin01 - April 16

I am so sorry about this ladies but I have to vent to someone......Ok here goes I work 2nd shift and hubby works 1st so we dont have to put our 2 1/2 y/o daughter in daycare (not that anything is wrong with it) well when I took my position my boss said I could bring her because the time I have to be here and the time hubby gets off is 30 mins and we work less than a mile apart so he said it was OK ....well now a girl that works in different department want to bring her newborn for her whole shift!!!!so because she was told NO she went to the even higher boss and he said no that I have to stop bringing my daughter...I was told this about 10 mins till 5 ......I tried several day cares in between working ......the few I got in touch with wont keep a child for just an hour or so I dont know what I will do......and the family we have that is close we have safety issues at her house (she has arthritis and has meds that are in easy open bottles IN REACH of my daughter...she tells me that she will watch her and not let her get it but I cant trust that you all know how swift a 2 y/o old can get something while your back is turned 10 secs or less ) h__l my daughter just got burned when I left the room for 30 secs just this can happen QUICK.....another relative has a pistol that is kept just laying around (she is very afraid of anyone walking down her street and such so if she is alone it is close by) so she is a NO ....then another had a car wreck a year ago and cant use one of her hands and has very minimal use of the other...basically she tried to fix her some juice one day and couldnt open the sippy cup so if she cant do that then No (and she cant left her she still walks on a walker from the accident) the rest are 20-25 miles in the opposite direction of mine and hubbys work so that is a NO with gas prices for an hour.....I dont know what to do......h__l call in and tell thim I cant show up until I find day care and tell them to let her (the one who started this )work my postion until I can get someone to watch her thanks for letting me vent!!!!!


mjvdec01 - April 16

That really sucks! Why couldn't that other woman just let you have your special arrangement and keep her mouth shut!? I hate when people ruin a good thing you have going because they want it too, and why in the world would she think that an employer would allow an infant at work ALL DAY? She would get nothing done. If I were you I would want so bad to go to her and tell her, "thanks a lot #&%$!" I am really sorry, this has happened. It sounds like you may be stuck. Did you let you boss know that this isn't going to work out? Only needing daycare for an hour a day is going to be tough to find. Maybe you can start an 30minutes later everyday, and just hand her off in the parking lot? If he wants to keep you he just might agree. I hope you can work something out.


lin7604 - April 16

wow, doesn't she know there is a BIG difference in 1 hr over a entire shift???? if allelse fails your first option sounds the best, i would make sure they understand 100% NOT to have any meds out while she is there and it is only 1 hr so you woudn't have to worry about her needing to do to much for her. just make sure she has a snack and a full sippy when you drop her off and then it should be easy for her while she is there. otherwise you will have to sit down with your boss and explain your special situation that you had in place before this woman spoke up and tell them your side of it. maybe they will be more sympathetic to you and let you go back to your old way??? otherwise i would start looking for a new job! kids always come first, i hope they get that!



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