Very Frequent Ear Infections TUBES Advice

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DB - October 22

My dd is almost 9 months. Since August she has had FOUR ear infections...I mean we are talking back to back to back to back ear infections. As soon as she's healthy again, then she's sick again!!! The doctor we saw today (not her regular ped.) said we can either A-never let her out of the house again, B-continue to treat with antibiotics or C-consider tubes, but then he said, she's not at the point yet. Well, I guess I think being on antibiotics for TWO MONTHS straight can't be good for her either!!! Anyone go thru this? What did you has it worked out? We're just so frustrated. TIA!


SarahMackenziesmom - October 29

my little one had her 1st set of tubes put in at 7 months, she just turned 2, and we had the 2nd set put in and her adenoids taken out 4 days after her 2nd birthday. Find and ENT (ear nose and throat doctor) and make an appointment. It doesn't hurt to talk to an ENT, then make your decision after you hear what he has to say. Sarah did great until the 1st set fell out, now we have the 2nd set. I know how you feel, we had back to back to back to back infections as well, with months of antibotics and nightly fevers at 105.5


mandyrenfro - November 4

my son had SO many ear infections between sept '06 & feb '07 that I can't even give you a number. Four is a start, and undoubtly something that would make a mom sick with worry. Sometimes "back to back" ear infections are actually one ear infection that never cleared up, and its just a matter of finding the right antibiotic for your little one. We had a long hard road with several antibiotics & and even shots- with a bout of RSV (with breathing treatments) and two runs of Strep, yes Strep in a 10 month old. We got ear tubes in March '07 and he's never been sick since. He started walking and talking better. It surely was a miracle cure for us. I'm sure you can imagine my panic when he got a runny nose and diarreah last week, hoping its not a repeat of last winter.


mandyrenfro - November 4

I also wanted to say I understand your frustration. Hang in there momma, you can do it and it WILL get better.


kelley - November 7

DB - I went though this with DD#2. Starting at about 9 months she had ear infections back to back until she was just about 15 months old. We were literally in the ped's office every 2 weeks for either a new infection or an ear recheck after the antibiotics. We did at just over 14 months have a consultation with ENT doctors (we had to be referred by our ped and we were told that they need to have 8 ear infections in a year to get a referral) and at 15 months old we had to have tubes put in and she was a completely different child afterwards. So much happier and active. The only other thing that I can recommend is to see if they can prescribe something a little bit stronger for the ear infections... My dd did really well on Omnicef (sp?) it is a lot more expensive but it seemed to be the only thing that cleared them up after awhile. Good luck and hang in there.


DB - November 7

kelley-unfortunately we've done two rounds of omnicef already! She just finished Augmentin ($50 copay with my insurance, good insurance too) last week for #4. When he checked her ears on Friday at her 9 month appt. he said if she gets 1-2 more e.i.'s then they'll want to do tubes. She did have fluid still in her ears when he checked them though. My other concern is we're going on vacation Dec 27-Jan 9th (out of the country to the Carribbean) and I'm petrified she will get sick there and that is a major problem. She's supposed to go back in 1 month to check the fluid and get her second flu shot. She threw up today at daycare so if we end up back at the doctor I'm going to ask to get her ears checked again. I know my pediatrician does not like when the babies have a lot of fluid in the ear since it can affect their hearing. So i'm guessing if she has a lot of fluid in her ears then he'll opt for her to get tubes then. This process sucks!


mjvdec01 - November 8

I just posted on ... constant ear infection help. Take a look.



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