Veryones Opinions On The Perfect Age Gape Between Siblings

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kristie h - October 28

Hi ladies, I am wanting your opinion on what you think is the perfect age gape between kids as DH and i want to have a 3rd. I have a 5 week old (jake) and a son that is 2 years and 10 months (blair) and while i think this a great age gape i think i want an age gape of 1 1/2 to 2 years and 3 months between jake and my 3rd baby. I am just worried that i am not giving it enough time for my family to enjoy jake if that makes sence? What do you all think? Should we wait longer? I dont want to be selfish towards jake and i am worried thats what i am being.


kristie h - October 28

Oh and should i put into consideration on the age gape between oldest and youngest?(this will be our last)


jennifer_33106 - October 28

I am not sure if I read this right so correct me if im wrong. I would wait a while before adding another addition to the family. Right now, IMO, you should concentrate on the LO's right now. Jake deserves to have some alone time with mama before another baby comes. Also it would be better on your body to wait at least a year before getting pgt again. DH and I are wanting out children 2 years apart that way each has time inbetween a new baby and also we have a break in the wallets. JMO but I would advise waiting at least a year. GL!!


kristie h - October 28

Sorry to make it easier what i ment was The earliest we would try is when jake is 1 years old so that being 1 year 9 months apart the least but no more then 2 years and 3 months.


kristie h - October 28

god i am so dumb, dh and i would start trying for our 3rd when jake is one, so jake will be 1 year and 9 months old when it is born if i fell pregnant straight away and i would like jake not to be too much older then 2 years and 3 months when the baby is born if it takes me a while to fall pregnant. Is this too young on jakes jakes behalf?


sahmof3 - October 29

My first two are 3 1/2 years apart. Not by choice, but because we had fertility problems ttc #2... it took 21 months. SO, when we decided on #3 we decided to ttc right away when my 2nd baby (Leah) was only 8 months. We figured that b/w my fertility issues and the fact that I was still b___stfeeding and my period hadn't returned that there would be a gap of at least 2 years b/w #s 2 and 3. HA! I got pregnant 2 days into and my 2nd and 3rd are 17 months apart LOL!!! I was a bit sad because there I was out of my first trimester at Leah's 1st birthday party... already well into the planning stages of # 3 by the time #2 was only a year old! But, I wouldn't do it any other way now. Leah is very independent and did so well having a baby brother and now that they are 3 and 2 they are very close and do everything together. I've barely worked with Justin (3rd) on language, letters, numbers, etc... he just naturally picks it up because Leah's into that. He spoke earlier than my other two and could recognize his letters and numbers by sight by 22 months! I think it's because he was right on Leah's heels and wants to do everything she does. So, that's one big plus to close in age kids. But, I felt like I had them so close that it was a blur of babyhoods that blended together and made it go by so fast (since # 3 was our last baby)... like I enjoyed them (they were such easy babies compared to Nathan!), but I didn't get to SAVOR their baby days, if that makes sense? I think about 2 years would be a good gap. BTW... congrats on baby Jake!!!! How did his birth go for you? Gosh, it's been ages since I talked to you!


fefer1 - October 29

Do what feels good to you! I have a friend who as two brothers and the three of them are one year apart and everyone is happy. All my siblings and I are 2 years apart and it was great. I know other people who had siblings 5+ years apart and are perfectly happy I think it comes down to what YOU can handle. I have a 13 month old and she'll ne 19 months when I have baby#2..a little sooner that I wanted but I'm perfectly happy with it.


in the woods - October 29

My 2 kids are 19 mo apart (they are 4.5 and 2 3/4 now). I am not planning on #3, but if I did I would have about 4-5 years between the second one and the baby. The reason being - I'm observing my 2 3/4 son now - with amazement, because he's SO good with babies and feels other people' distress. I would just love for him to have a baby bro or sis to dote on. Another reason - those 2 kids that I have, most days I feel I have 20 of them. When they hit toddlerhood TOGETHER, and because they are so close in age and in size it's a lot of work !!! Love and kisses in the morning, fighting and horseplaying all day long! Imagine yet one more baby or toddler in this mix - nope That's just my personal take, of course. It's different for everyone.


MNMOM - October 29

I wanted my kids to be 3 yrs apart. It didn't work out that way, they are almost 4 years apart exactly and I love it. It is perfect!


Cevvin - October 30

My first and my second are going to be 13 months apart, way to early imo, but it happened and there is nothing i can do about it. Ill have my family short and painfull HA HA.



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