Ways To Take Away The Nightime Bottle

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jwhite - November 6

Okay my dd is 15 months old and she uses a sippy cup all day but at night we still give her a bottle. She does not fall asleep with the bottle. We put her to bed awake. I am wanting to start taking the bottle away at night what are some suggestions?? Our routine right now is she usually eats dinner by 6:30, bath 7:30(every other night sometimes every night), between 8 & 8:30 we give her a bottle, I rock her in her dark room with music playing, and as soon as she finishes it I love on her a little bit and tell night night have sweet dream, lay her down in her crip, give her teddy, cover up and give her one last kiss and walk out of the room. She usually falls asleep within 15 minutes, no fussing. So what could I change and how much should she drink before putting her to bed? Right now I give her at least 8 oz., but you know in a bottle they drink it a lot faster than in a cup.


mjvdec01 - November 8

Why don't you just try not giving it to her and see what happens? That's what I did with my daughter. Besides, it is not a good ides to give her a bottle and then just put her to bed. At 15 months she should have her teeth brushed before going to bed. The sugars in the milk can cause tooth decay. I worked in a dental office for 10 years and saw it all the time.


Erins Mom - November 8

Well, I nursed, but in order to stop her bedtime feedings we just stopped cold turkey. She fussed a little, but honestly it wasn't that bad and we just kept the rest of her bedtime routine going. If you don't want to do that, maybe try replacing it with water? Then quit from there?


Ashleyg - December 19

my son will be 15 months on christmas and we are in the same situation. we weened him off the bottle during the day a few months ago but he still gets one at night. i worry about him not making it through the night because he will be hungry...is that a silly thought?


mjvdec01 - December 19

Ashleyg, your son should be fine, Just make sure he has a snack before bed, we give my daughter Cheerois and rasins or apples pieces in a snack cup as well as a sippy cup of diluted apple juice and she does just fine.



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