Weight Gains

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jenna32 - January 10

dd is 13 months and at her 9 month checkup she was 23 lbs 5 oz,at her 12 month she was only 23 lbs 16 oz! aren't babies supposed to of tripled their birth rate by now? i realize she has been walking for about 4 months and runs around a lot, but i can't help but feel bad.


DDT - January 10

How much did she weigh at birth? Her weight at 12 months sounds great! And as much worry as it can cause us a decrease in weight gain during the 2nd year is completely normal. Babies no longer have to take in an excess of calories for growth, and like you're already said, they become a lot more active. We just have to make sure that there is never a decrease in weight because that can cause problems for brain development. My ds1 also weighed 23lbs at his 12 month checkup. Now he is 24lbs 11oz at 22 months. So, only 1lb 11oz increase in 22 months. It was hard to adjust from seeing him gain 1-2 lbs a month during his 1st year with a 50th-75th percentile....now he gains 1oz a month - if I'm lucky - and is in the 5th-10th percentile. If you are worried about her weight gain you can always increase the amount of full fat milk she drinks daily. This was a piece of advice my family doc gave me. We also don't hold back on the fatty foods like we once used to with him. Very soon both my sons will be wearing the same clothing....its funny and depressing at the same time. Ds2 is 7 months old (big boy at 21lbs & 29.5 in) and wearing 12 month clothing while my 22 month old ds1 is wearing 12-18 month clothing. Try not to worry...she has gained 1/2 lb in a month which is great in my books.


Malica - January 10

Have you got those numbers right? 23lbs 16oz = 24lbs. Check her weight against any baby growth chart -- weight gain does tend to slow down around that time, and so long as you daughter hasn't lost too much ground relatively to the growth chart, it's nothing to worry about. There will always be a bit of variance in growth against those charts. I looked up the weights you gave and it looks like she was in the 95% percentile at 9 months and something like the 80th percentile at 12 months. (Really hard to tell with the small graph I found). She's still doing really well for her age group, and your doctor wouldn't likely start to worry unless she went from 95% to 50% or lower.


jenna32 - January 10

i think thats right, that was what the nurse told me anyway. The doctor just told me " her weigh gain is starting to slow down". He didn't seem overly concerned. She was born big, 9 lbs, 13 oz. So she is just a bit over double her birth weight. I hope they weight her right.she does sit up and start to cry on the scale. between 9-12 months,just carrying her around i thought i could tell that she for sure would have gained more. wow only 1 lbs 11 oz gain in 11 months sounds crazy, i'd no idea it would be that little.



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