Weight Of A 17 Month Old Girl

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twolinesohmy - September 16

My 17 month old dd is 30 lbs. She is in the 95th percentile for weight. I'm wondering what everyone else's 17 month olds weights are. She doesnt look chubby to me, but someone told me today while looking at her picture that she is a "butterball". ouch! Share your toddler's weights. thanks


momtbc - September 16

At my daughters 15 months checkup in August she weighed 27 pounds. I am sure she is bigger by now. She has her 18 month checkup in November, and I am pretty sure she'll be at 30 or just under! My son just had his 3 year check up and he weighs 29 pounds. It's just how they are made, I guess! haha!


DDT - September 16

At 18 months old my ds weighed 23 1/2 lbs. At 12 months old he weighed 23lbs even. He started walking at 14 months and his weight slowed right down...he also became a picky eater.


andy - September 17

My dd was 27.5 pounds at her 15 mo checkup , she is 17.5 months now and at least 29... She is a little chubby but nothing too obvious , she has become a picky eáter for a month or so now , dont know if that will do anything ... She is on 2t clóthes , and some 3t tshirts fit(pants are too long )


kimberly - September 17

You know I don't think it matters much at such a young age. My oldest son was always about 35th percentile for weight, so he was underweight and he now has a over weight problem. My second son was always off the charts for weight and now he eats like a bird and is skin and bones at 5 years old. I think if the numbers continue to stay up there like at 2 .5-4 years old then I would be a little concerned and maybe try to cut out sugary snacks and drinks. You can also switch to 2% milk if you feel the whole milk is too much fat. That was suggested for my second son and I did do that but it never changed his weight. What I am saying though is just because she is 95th % now don't mean she will be later as my children were complete opposite of what they were as babies now.


twolinesohmy - September 17

Thanks so much for your answers. I feel a lot better!


iona - September 22

What is your DD's diet/appet_te like? I would be concerned if my child was way above or way below what is "standard" for a certain age. My dd is also 17 months and weighs about 22 pounds. She was 6.5 pounds at birth and has stayed continually at the 25th percentile. She has always been a very small eater and very active...So many children (and of course adults) are obese these days and I always wonder, when did it start?


gurinsa - September 22

My daughter is 15 months old and weighs 29 pounds. Everybody always comments on how big she is too! But she doesnt seem "soooo big" to us!!?? My husband has more of a problem than i do..it'll all work out eventually!


momtbc - September 22

Gurinsa- she is not huge by any means! I think she is pleasantly plump! That's what I call Samantha. I think each of us is made differently. As long as you are offering the correct foods you are heading in the right direction. Don't worry about it until the doctor seems to be "really" concerned!


eclipse - September 23

I am not sure what my son weighs now, but he was 32 lbs at his 18 month appt and almost 35 inches tall. He has always been a big kid from the start and is consistent at least. He is much taller now. I wouldn't worry. If your pediatrician isn't worried, you shouldn't be either :D


lunamoo - September 24

Hmmm weighing 29 pounds at 15 months or 32 at 18 months is beyond the 95th percentile! I agree with iona if a child were to way WAY above or WAY below there should be concern. I am a kindergarten (depending on school; ages 3.5-6 years old) teacher and have been for over 15 years. I have noticed that the children are fatter and fatter! It IS and epidemic especially in the USA and UK. Obesity just doesn't "happen" later in life, it is a general trend that ends unfortunately in obesity. Someone might thing its cute to call a toddler "b___terball" but when that child is only a few years older that would be considered bullying!


jojosmom - September 24

My son is 22 mos. old, weighs 38 pounds and is 37 inches tall. He wears a size 9 shoe and his hands look like a preschooler. He started out at 9 pounds (and was early) and has always been bigger than average. I do not feed him any differently than I did my daughter. We don't drink juice, do fast food or have a high fat diet. We eat very sensibly. Some kids are just going to be bigger than others, some smaller. My daughter was always in the 15-20th percentile when she was younger and was just as healthy as her brother and she is 14 years old now and is perfectly proportionate and a very athlete young lady. I would say that unless you are giving your kids fast food, chips and other empty calorie foods, your child will be fine. They all pretty much slim down in the late preschool years. (I'm a pre-K / Kindergarten teacher). Everyday people are always asking me how old he is and then saying what a big kid he's going to be. Its kind of frustrating sometimes. I would never walk up to a smaller child and say "Wow - she looks too skinny. Aren't you feeding her enough?" All children are individuals and need to be valued as that not for what others think they should be. So twolines - I hope that you are feeling better about your daughters size. I'm sure she's a beautiful, smart and healthy child.


eclipse - September 24

And Luna, I know you mean well, but my son has thinned out considerably already, and, yes, he is above the 95th percentile, but has been since the day he was born with both height and weight. My family is full of very tall (over 6 foot 2") men AND women and both I and his father are tall. He looks exactly like my brother at the same age and my brother is 6 foot 3 1/2 and 165 lbs. So just because they are big now does not mean they are going to be obese children. It is always a concern but if you are feeding them healthily and teaching them how to make healthy choices in life, and the pediatrician is not concerned, you should not be worried either.


eclipse - September 24

by the way, only my first line of the response I wrote was geared toward Luna. Sorry for any confusion!


123abc - September 25

my son is 18 months and he's probably around 35 lbs. he's been 30 lbs since he was 6 months old.. *lol* he's gained all his weight at the beginning and now he's just growing. He's very tall too, so maybe it makes up for weight.


misschrissie - October 17

I wouldn't worry about her weight AS LONG AS you are feeding her healthy food and she is engaged in play during the day, rather than sitting in front of the tv. Is her height proportionate? My daughter is 17 months and only 21 lbs. She was born tiny (5 lbs) as has stayed that way til now. She doesn't eat much and she's super active. I'm not worried though because she is proportionate to her height (both between the 7th and 10th percentiles). Every child is different and if you aren't worried, then it's all good :)


mjvdec01 - October 20

Our 2.5 year old weighs 33 pounds now. Whe she was 18 months she was about 22 pounds. Our son is three months and weighs about 17 pounds. My hubbys side of the family is exceptionally tall. My MIL is over 6', and mt BIL is 6'5". Both of our kids are above the 90th percentile for height.



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