What Are Your Limitations Rules About TV

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ImpatientMommy - December 10

I have a 17 month old who would literally sit in front of the TV and stare at it from the moment she woke up till bed time IF I let her that is haha I was wondering what everyone else's rules about TV were and what are your limitations?


IrinaZ - December 10

IMP, when Nicholas was still a baby, we said - TV is in case of emergency only. Now, at 17 mo, every morning is an emergency. Otherwise, I will not be able to get ready for work or in case of a REALLY early morning, I wouldn't be able to have an extra half hour of much needed sleep without the TV :) I try not to turn the TV during the day time if I am home. Sometimes we have to put his favorite Wiggles DVD in the evening if he is in a very bad mood. All together, he probably watches about 1.5 hours of TV. But unlike Jo, he doesn't really just stare at the TV - he wanders off, plays by himself and only watches TV when Wiggles are on.


ImpatientMommy - December 10

It depends on her mood, if she's tired or teething and just down she'll just sit on her little sofa and will stare at the TV but if she's in a better mood she'll walk around and play and look at the TV from time to time.


Malica - December 10

My husband is at home with our DD right now (15 months). She and my husband usually watch some TV during her morning bottle (although it's usually star trek or star gate, so it's not for her so much as him!). He'll also leave her in her playpen for 15 minutes in the afternoon with Pocoyo on. Then about once a week my husband and I put on 20-30 minutes of shows so we can actually both eat a hot meal at the same time. LOL. So on average it's about 30-40 minutes a day, but if she's extra cranky that can get up to an hour. We don't have any hard and fast rules about it. I know she loves it, but if it's not on she doesn't notice that it's not on so we don't bother.


lin7604 - December 10

it depends on if he's feeling good or not. if he's not i don't care. when he's happy and healthy i go by his listening skills. If he's had a good day and ate well ( as he's super picky) then i let him watch a show when we get home or before bed. BUT if he wouldn't eat supper or wasn't behaving well then NONE at all......


eclipse - December 11

Liam watches Between the Lions in the morning as we get ready for daycare, usually half an episode (it is split). In the evening when I am getting dinner ready, he watches either the other half, or Elmo's World from Sesame Street. Other than that, he isn't too into it, but he LOVES between the Lions and has been wanting to watch more than one episode. :D


jenna32 - December 13

i like lin's idea!!



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