What Are Your Toddlers For Halloween

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eclipse - October 7

Just thought I would start a fun thread...I've been thinking about this for a few days now. What are your toddlers going to be this year for Halloween? Liam and I went to Target the other day, I was originally going to have us all be pirates, but he ran to the dinosaur costume and then started running around going "rawr! rawr!" LOL so I guess we are going to be a dinosaur family this year! He was Yoda last year, which was so darn cute! Now...must find cute dinosaur costume....


clindholm - October 7

My lo is almost 2 and she is completely obsessed with the Teletubbues (I know, ugh) so I got her a "Po" costume. She loves it and looks so ridiculous!


d - October 7

My ds (18 months) is going to be a Devil.. LOL. just like me except I was 3 then. Last year he was an owl, the costume was so cute.


ginger6363 - October 7

mine's gonna be a little lady bug...she's gonna be adorable!


jennyr - October 7

It is cold here around that time so she is going to be Little Red Riding Hood durning the day at work. (She comes to work with me) and when we go out trick or treating she is going to be a Pink Care Bear. She looks so cute. She is 2.5.


mjvdec01 - October 7

My 2 and a half year daughter wants to be a pirate.


alynnburke - October 7

My son is going to be a spider, I was lucky enough to find a super cute costume at Wal-Mart. Hopefully I can get a few good pictures before he rips the hat off.


kimberly - October 8

My dd is 13 months and she is going to be a ladybug. She was so little last year she just wore a outfit wth a pumpkin on it so it should be exiting to dress her up this year. My 5 year old keeps changing his mind but now he wants to be a Power Ranger. My 9 year old is going to be a Zombie.


jessb - October 8

My 2yr old is going to be a ballerina. She looks gorgeous in the costume! Last year she was tinkerbell.


andy - October 8

My 18 month old will be uniqua (pink backyardigan), her cousins will be Pablo and tyron ... She was pooh last yeár... we should set up one of thosé temp(30 days trial) web pagés to share all of our babies halloweén pictures ...


Krissy25 - October 8

Ladybugs must be a very popular cotume b/c that is what my 14month old is going to be too. I came across it at a yard sale last year for $3 and it was in perfect shape. I also bought a pair of black pants and a black shirt to go underneath for only a buck, what a deal.


jessb - October 8

Andy- my daughter loves Uniqua!!! She has carried around a stuffed Uniqua for pratically her whole life. She calls her "wiwi" since when she was one she couldnt say Uniqua. She would love that costume. I have never seen it. We live in Florida thought and its probably too hot for it here.


TinaSos - October 8

We have a family party to go to. DD (15months) is going to be a crow, DH a scare crow, and myself a farmer. For Trick or Treating a Loin a co-worker gave a costume that her sons had when they were little. It will be nice and warm.


andy - October 8

jessb .. my daughter loves the backyardigans also ... more pablo I think but still ... I bought it online on amazon , it was like 20 dolars , it is a little too much for our climate , Ecuador, ( a little like miami) but she wont be all sweaty (I think ) as she will be going to a Halloween party at Gymboree and maybe then to eat ...


FaithHood - October 9

my 2 year old daughter is obsessed with the sanitation worker...she watches him empty the trash every tues morn, so when i asked her what she wanted to be for halloween she said "a trash man" too cute, but i think i convinced her to be a ballerina bear...how could i explain my princess dressed as the garbage man at our halloween party??? thank God toddlers are so easily persuaded, she thinks the bear is a great idea!!


jessb - October 9

LOL, Faith!!! That is too funny- a trashman! I can just imagine that costume and the pictures- it would make a good story when she is older. But its a good thing you convinced her to be something else.


eclipse - October 10

I am having the worst time finding a dragon/dinosaur that isn't all fuzzy and plushy and therefore would kill my poor child in our lovely balmy Florida "autumns". Anyone have any ideas? I have been looking online....anyone seen anything at Costco/Kmart/Target or anywhere else? And I think all of these costumes are great!!! :D



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