What Did You Get For Mommy S Day

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tish212 - May 11

I just thought it would be nice if everyone shared what they got for Mothers day. I went out yesterday with DH, MIL, FIL, grandad, BIL, my lil brother, and my wonderful lil lady to an all you can eat Seafood buffet, the food was WONDERFUL, and then we walked up and down the boardwalk (we went to ocean city) DH, BIL, and my brother went swimming (in the freezing water) while MIL, my lil lady and I walked through the stores, and FIL and grandad sat and watched the people. It was a GREAT day, everyone had a great time, and my lil lady got to see the beach for the first time, and feel sand in her toes!!! She loved that, and she loved walking down the boardwalk after the sun went down seeing all the lights. She got to eat funnel cake and boardwalk fries (as well as the food she ate at the buffet) and she had a blast, so much so that she was all tuckered out and slept in today! Everyone left all excited about how much fun they had, which was the icing on the cake for me! I LOVED yesterday, it will provide me with memories forever! And I love doing "family" things with my DD! My lil brother also had a great time!! He hadnt been to the beach in a long time, so he was so happy to go it makes me happy to be able to show him a happier side to life (8 months ago our mother had a severe stroke and suffered horrible brain damage and lives in a nursing home now, so my brother has had a rough time with it, so anything I can do to brighten a day for him makes me happy) Well sorry to go on and on, I just had such a good time, and I would love to hear what other Mommys got...


TinaSos - May 11

tish212 it sounds like you had a great time! We had a wonderful time ourselves. My DH and DD made me a breakfast that was great and the homemade carrot cake rocked! They also made me a tresure map. So DD and I walked up and downstairs to find my gift. It was so much fun. And DD had a blast when I wasnt able to find it in some of the hiding places. They got a me a Cricut Machine! I love to do crafts and this will help alot. My Husband thought it would be somthing DD and I could do together. I was such a fun Mothers Day!


MNMOM - May 12

Hey everyone! My 5 yr old son told my hubby that he wanted to get mom flowers for mothers day. So hubby took him to the store and let him pick out a bouquet - he picked a dozen pink roses and he was the proudest boy I have ever seen when he came home with them in his hands and gave them to me! It really meant a lot because hubby does not buy me flowers ever, so it was really sweet. My son also made a book for me in school, each page he wrote something he loves about me, and drew a picture. I cried reading it it was so darn cute and sweet (ok I am pg so I am very emotional!) Hubby gave me sweet card and a gift card to a sc___pbook store and then spent the day painting our bedroom.....it's been 5 yrs since we decorated it and we decided it was time for a change so he let me go buy all new bedding and pictures, etc. It was a good day!


jodie - May 12

Well my kids are 3 and almost 2 so they just had fun coloring on my mothers day card..lol. We spend the morning with my in-laws and the evening with my parents. We are going to disneyland in a week and a half so that is basically my mothers day present..lol. It' was nice because my mother and father inlaw gave me $500 spending money for mothers day..woo hoo!


tish212 - May 13

That is awesome ladies!! I can't wait for my lil lady to be old enough to make me presents, they really are the best kind... I cherish the day the whole family spent together, since everyone was happy, and had a great time... and MNMOM- I am also pg so I guess I am a lil emotional too!


JulieK - May 14

I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 1/2 year old, both boys, with another baby on the way. For Mother's Day I got to have a long uninterrupted shower....and it was the best! Then we went out for lunch, and then took the kids to the fish store and picked out a goldfish for them. It was a really great day.


Floricica - May 16

My son is 2 n half and at daycare, they made little cards. Well... the caregivers did, and the little ones put their hand prints into the cards. It's so special because I have his little handprints forever. :)



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