What Foods Do Your Around 13 15 Month Olds Eat

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Emmie - June 8

I have been trying to give my son more variety away from all the gerber graduates. They are good but get sort of repit_tious. My son loves the morning star veggie and chicken burgers, grilled cheese, peas, carrots-he isnt a big fruit eater though. He loves yogurt and cottage cheese and shredded cheese. Do you have any ideas for some other healthy foods he can eat. Thanks!!


jas - June 8

I wish - I can't get my 14 month old to eat anything... He loves the Gerber stage 2 and won't eat anything that isn't pureed... The pampers dot com site has a great thing on foods ... scrambled eggs seems to stick out in my mind (yolks). Wish I could help more...


Lchan - June 8

My son loves pancakes and waffles. Morning star sausages, mac & cheese, grilled chicken, pasta, fish. Yogurt is his favorite food.


eliz24 - June 9

My dd will be 14 months next week and so far these are some things that I give her: graham crackers,scrambled eggs,wheat toast w/jam,string cheese,avocado,bannana,cut up tomatoes,pasta and tomato sauce,fruit cups,peanut b___ter sandwiches,nutri grain bars...hope this gives you some ideas.


Lalla - June 9

our dd is 15 months and for a couple of months now she has been eating pretty much anything that we eat. I never gave her babyfood, but made my own. I started to add spices around 10 months, so she likes things with flavor. Today we had lunch out and she ate rice mixed with the juice from Gumbo! She loved it. I have tried to give her more "babyfoods" but she will not have it! Try to give your lo anything that you eat and he might enjoy it. Also, dolmas are a hit as well - just take off the grapeleaf wrap. I asked he pedi if it was ok to give her these kinds of foods and he said that spices are fine as long as she is fine.


melissa g. - June 9

i am so glad someone asked this -- my dd is 15 months and still prefers soft foods and baby food to "table food". table food wise she eats mashed potato, scrambled egg, string cheese or shredded cheese, YOGURT (her fav), hummus, gerber meat stix. all fruits pretty much, crackers, cheerios, rice. But she still seems to prefer puree type foods. she wont eat pasta and isnt wild on bread.


Emmie - June 9

Lalla-what is a dolma? Thanks for all the suggestions ladies.


krnj - June 10

My son is 15 months & basically eats whatever we eat. He loves pasta, mac & cheese, scrambled eggs, any kind of cheese, yogurt, fruit, waffles, chicken & potatoes.


DeeD - June 13

My kids eat everything we eat by that age. Imake dinner and she eats the same thing...I just cut it up in small pieces.


jilly01 - June 13

My dd will eat just about anything, we even have the ok for peanut b___ter and shell fish so whatever I am having diner I give her. but there is also nothing wrong with stickin to their tried and trues as long as they are eatting the different taste to different foods will come....


jilly01 - June 13

Dolmas: hmmm I am lebanese and never heard them called....


ssmith - June 14

My dd is 13.5 months, and she loves meatb___s, pasta (usually plain), black-eyed peas, baby carrots (cooked with b___ter), fettucini alfredo, toast with b___ter, cheese, fruit of all kinds, omelettes / scrambled eggs, pancakes, muffins.... I am introducing fish, and have tried breaded & baked Tilapia (white fish), and I also made salmon cakes. She hates to be spoon fed!! So, unfortunately getting her eat her baby cereal in the morning is a struggle....and she also isn't a big yogurt eater either (because of the spoon issue). I am trying to get her to eat more chicken, but she doesn't seem too thrilled with it, although, I think dark meat might be better because it isn't as dry.


inuk-mama - June 14

Emmie, by that age I can't see why he can't eat what you are eating? Just make sure that things are cut into small pieces and you should be fine! Try him our at supper tonight! Ssmith, why not toast at breakfast? If she doesn't like to be spoon fed then give her a piece of toast!? LOL oh I can hardly wait until our son gets to that age!! :) He's only 9 months now but he eats everything that we do! If we're having pizza, he has it, same with roasts, and seafood dinners! His favorite has got to be shrimp! :) And he just loves fruit! Chewing on a slice of watermelon has got to be the most fun, messiest times!



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