What Is A 2 1 2 Year Old Like

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bubbasmom - December 3

Hi everyone. I have a son who will be approximately 2 and a half when his new brother/sister is born. My son is currently 22 months and can say two or three words together and communicates his basic needs pretty well. But, he also has lots of fits. I am wondering what a typical 2.5 year old behaves like because I'm freaking out about having a toddler and a newborn. Will he be able to say full sentences of 5-6 words. Can he play with play-dough for 10 minutes by himself (my son currently eats playdough). Can he put his own pants/shirt on? I have no frame of reference for this age and would like some help.


another Karen - December 4

Hello, I had exactly the same concerns when I found out I was pregnant too. My dd is 2.5 now and I am just over halfway along with our #2. She was incredibly clingy and wasn't saying alot. She has come along in leaps and bounds with independance and language in just 4 months. Only lately I've felt brave enough to tell her about having a baby in my belly. I really suggest that you don't stress about it. The time between now and then is a ma__sive portion of your son's life and development. I would say, don't expect him to understand or try to explain what's going on until you have a belly. Hey and that's terrific that he can dress himself, my dd is only capable of stripping off. She's mostly a great, delightful little girl but has a right little streak of stubborness that shines through at times and I just have to be firm and consistent.


in the woods - December 8

At 30 months, your son definitely will be able to play for 10 min with his toys, and will be able to understand that mommy is busy and needs a bit of time. Speech is not uniform. My son started talking at 2.5, but 2 months before that I did not know when he'd start. The tantrums, unfortunately, will be there at 2.5, but they are more manageable when you are at home. They are best dealt with by ignoring them, and you'll be able to do that at home. In stores and other public places - it will be hard for a while. My dd was 19 mo when the baby was born, and everything was fine for a short while, until she turned 24 months and her "terrible twos" hit full force. It was hard to deal with a tantrum while holding a 20-lbs baby while crossing a road or trying to pay at the cashier... What memories....The good thing about your situation is that your terrible twos will be over by the time the baby is 6 months old. Hang in there, you'll have a lot of stories to tell to them about this time when they are older1


bubbasmom - December 9

Thanks for the replies. I just get so nervous thinking about having two so young and wondering if I can handle it. I also feel like I am ruining my son's life! I'm sure most people feel that way when they are pregnant with #2.


another Karen - December 9

I know what you mean. When I found out #2 was on the way I felt so guilty for my dd, that I was sort of cheating on her if that makes sense. I love her so much and couldn't imagine loving another the same. These are things that I only thought about after finding out, didn't enter my mind when we were planning it. At 23 weeks I feel I'm pretty much over all that and with my dd's progress I'm quite confident she'll be a wonderful big sister. Relax and ride it out, with so many approaching changes it is daunting, it takes that bit of time to get used to it but you will.


in the woods - December 10

Absolutely agree with "another Karen" - one day at a time is the best approach. I remember, while waiting in a doctor's office, a woman told me, looking at my children who were 2 and 3.5 at the time - "I would not want to go back to those times." It was half inconsiderate, but it was half true, too, - coming from another woman who went through this, too (she had two sons, about 6 and 8 years old with her). I remember thinking, I do not want to look at my kids from a distance, and say "What a hectic time I am living." They were my kids, and that was our LIFE, and I was managing just fine, one step at a time. Later, porbably, when the early childhood is over, I may be talking like that woman, looking back, but when you are in the thick of it, it really does not matter how it all looks from the outside. It's like your house looks all messy to a stranger, but you know that every "pile" of stuff is something the kids were building, so it does not matter really that it is not "a house beautiful". *** About "robbing the older kid" - my kids can't imagine the world without each other, since they were born so close. They would feel "robbed" if you separated them. There are "just mommy and me" times, but they get back to their common explorations just as eagerly. They learn from each other in the same way, if not more, as just with mommy.


bubbasmom - December 10

Thank you to everyone for the replies and advice. In the woods, it could be the pregnancy hormones, but your post brough tears to my eyes. I hope my son will love his bother/sister and not imagine life any other way. One day at a time shall be my motto! I also once heard a quote similar to that - "the days are long but the years are short" which sums up how I already feel about my son turning two soon. Some days are challenging but he also brings me so much laughter and joy and I can't believe "my baby" is almost 2! Time flies



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