What Words Does Your Baby Say

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ginger6363 - August 14

Just curious about what words other toddlers are saying. My eleven 1/2 month old says the basics: mama, dada, ba (ball), bebee (baby), na, na, no (no, no, no), uh oh, and yeah.


DDT - August 14

My ds is 18 months old. Hmm...let me think about this: He says dada, mama, doggie, blankie, ball, more, no, cheese, car, cow, baby, yeah, cup, up, walk, shoe, girl, teddy, ouma/oupa (his grandparents), book, na-na (food) & draw. I think that covers them all. He started putting two words together a couple of months ago. Eg. "More cheese"


DDT - August 14

oh I just remembered a few more: "nose:, "hair", "eye", "ear", "mouth", "foot" "hand", "tou-tee" (p___s),


eclectic66 - August 14

My ds is 12.5 months and he has been a major talker for a while now. In fact, talking seems to be his specialty...lol He would rather talk than anything else....lol So far, he says mama, dada,baba, nana, kitty kitty, no, giggle, tickle, juice, me, uh huh, ok, birdy, boy, book, whale, bye, hi, look, and yay. I think that covers most of them, but I am sure I forgot a few. The pediatrician told us that he is very advanced with his language skills and that all the talking and words right now is not the norm, which is just his way of making up for the fact that he doesn't stand, pull, cruise or walk yet...lol Funny how kids do things so differently from one another.


squished - August 15

Well, our 14 mo says mama, dada, bye bye and everything else is baba right now LOL! He sings in the car with his toy but nothing understandable. It seems like at any minute he'll break out into real speech :)


kimberly - August 15

My dd is turning 1 tomorrow! She can say mama, dada, baba, buba (her brothers), hi, this, itty (kitty), ball, uv (love), and out.


Crystal83 - August 15

My 11.5 month old is a big talker! She says so many more words than my oldest 2 ever did at this age. She says: mum mum, da da, bub bub(bottle), done done(when she doesn't want anymore food), what's that? (while pointing), hello(puts hand to ear when the phone rings, lol), who's there? (and knocks on bathroom door), no no(shakes head). That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure I missed a couple. Oh and she says Kam Kam when she sees her self in the mirror, her full name is Kamryn. It's soo cute.


ginger6363 - August 15

thanks for sharing those are all so cute. Crystal, your dd recognizes herself in the mirror and says her name? That's really impressive. Most babies don't recognize themselves in the mirror until 18 months.


Crystal83 - August 15

Well, since she was about 6 months old or so she has always came into the bathroom with me (TMI, lol) , and Ihave a mirror in there so to keep her occupied I would sing a song to her while she looked in the mirror. : "Who's that baby in the mirror, who's that baby in the mirror, it's Kam Kam!!" Then I would point to her, so I think that's why she does it to herself now. She's pretty smart too and loves to talk.


Justine1 - August 15

My DS is 19 months and likes talking. He says "I fell down", "I did it", "Duddles, momma, Duddles" and puts his arms out for a cuddle, "What, What, What", "Why, Why, Why", more, bra, momma, papa, nana, biscuit, no, yes, our cat's name, baby, doggy, milk, bottle, football, down, book, hooray, hello (Picks up phone and says hello - yeah - yeah), bye-bye, Nick (his name), duck, birdie, juice, oh-ow, hi and some more I've forgotten. One of his favourite words is bra - everytime I put one on he says bra, bra, bra and starts giggling and going ow, ow, ow bra (sometimes I get clapped as well) and he puts his hand down my top saying bra and trying to play with my bra. He runs round the house with my bras too saying bra and giggling. That's boys for you!


ginger6363 - August 15

omg, justine that's hilarous that your 19 mo. old says bra!!!


Justine1 - August 16

It always makes me laugh when he says bra esp. as he knows its a "naughty" word so he giggles. It gets embarra__sing when you are somewhere public like a restaurant and he'll either put his hand down my top and say "woo bra!" or even worse he'll pull my top down to show my bra to the whole restaurant and go "woo bra!" DH is so proud of him and keeps saying thats my boy.



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