When Can He Have A Blanket And Pillow

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waiting100 - October 15

My ds is 18 months old and still sleeps in his crib - I think he will probably be in his crib for another 6 months -- When can I give him a blanket and pillow? Now that winter is here it is cold! Can I give him a blanket and a pillow in his crib or do I wait to do this when I introduce the toddler bed?


Erins Mom - October 15

My dd is 20 months old now, but I transitioned her to her toddler bed at 17 months and that's when I gave her a blanket and pillow and she's done fine with it. I don't actually know the 'correct' age to give it to her, but it seems to have worked out for us.


eclipse - November 2

My son is almost a year old and has had a blanket for at least 6 months, basically as soon as he could control his head. The pillow is a different story, but I have had no problems with him and a blanket. Besides, that is the most important thing for the winter anyway-the pillow can always wait :D


cae - November 4

I start letting Ethan sleep with a blanket at age 18months. I was still a little nervous at that time, but he did well. He is almost 20months and he still does not sleep with a pillow. At this points he does not seem interested, and he sleeps 12hr straight every night with a 2 hr nap. So he isnt missing out on anything. I am not sure yet when I will let him sleep with a pillow.


drea - November 5

my dd is 13 mos and has been using a blanket for a while. I usually wait until she falls asleep and then go in and put one on her. She moves around a lot, so I wait until shes out like a light.


SarahMackenziesmom - November 5

Sarah has had a pillow since about 10 months, and as far as the blanket, since she was around 8, but would just put it on her legs. Now, she refuses to go to bed with out the blanket, she could care less about the pillow, but you better have her blanket. If you are worried about, it, just put him in one of the warm blanket sleepers.


Carla - November 6

My son is 14 months old and has a blanket and pillow and loves them both! I bought a travel pillow from the bedding dept...so its smaller than a traditional pillow......


Jmom - November 18

My ds is 20 months and has had a blanket for some time now- BUT, he doesn't use it to cover himself up with. It's just kind of in his crib- I figure even if he cuddles with it, that it will keep him warmer.



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