When Did You Switch To The Booster Car Seat

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jorden - May 12

Hi. my son is going to be 3 next month. He has meet the requirements for those booster seats for a good while now. I was just wondering when you put your little ones in one. I know the 5 point harnest is always the safest. I have used the booster a few times and he did really good. Hes 39 lbs. I dont know the exact height but i know he meets it. Thank you.


mjvdec01 - May 12

He has to be atleast 40 inches and 40 pounds. However, I would keep him in his carseat until he ougrows it. A carseat is just a safer option if he fits. If you are unsure, then you can stop by the fire department and they can tell you for sure.


cubbie - May 13

I switched when my dd was 3.2 as that was when we got the go ahead to put the baby in a foward facing carseat, so we needed her carseat. We bought one of the boosters that has a back which comes off, so she will still use the back until she's 4.


cattac - May 16

You can look on the department of transportation website at the ages recommended. I looked on it and it says they do not recommend backless boosters for kids 7 and under. I think age 4 is the bare minimum they recommend for high backed boosters but prefer you keep them in the 5 point harness carseats for the longest you can. I know my Britax seats go up to 65 or 80 lbs or something and I plan on having them in them for as long as I can because I believe the 5 point harness is much more safe than just a seatbelt with a booster.


in the woods - May 17

My both kids hit the 40 lbs mark at the same time (dd was 4 yo, and ds was 2.5 yo, but they weighed the same). I got them identical high-back boosters. For a while they were using 5-point harness there, and around this last winter it became clear that they just outgrew the last lengths of the 5-point harness. So we started using the car seatbelts now. The change happened at about 4 3/4 and 3. To tell the truth, they seem to be outgrowing those seats, too - the design with back inserts is starting to seem too infant-ish. I can't see them at 80 lbs still climbing up those seats. It seems we need to change to lower, simpler high-back boosters. What a waste. But we need high backs still, since with the amount of driving we are doing they need those side wings to sleep against.


jenniferjo - May 24

I bought a high back booster that has a 5 pt harness. DD can stay in it until she outgrows the harness, then we take it off and switch to a seat belt. It goes to 100 lbs so she'll be able to use it until she's old/big enough to just sit in the seat with the belt. Only problem is she's outgrowing the harness already. SHe's 2yrs4m, 29lbs and 36 inches. It still fits around, but she seems to be too tall for it as she scrunches down because the shoulser straps push into her shoulders. It only has 3 adjustments so you might look for one with 4 adjustments so it'll last longer with the harness.


DeeD - June 5

We still haven't. I would delay it as long as possible.



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