When To Go From 2 Naps To 1

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erinunbe - December 5

My 16 month old dd is still taking 2 naps a day. They are both about 1.5 hours. She goes to bed between 7-7:30 and wakes at 6:30. Is it normal for her to still be taking 2 naps? I feel like every other toddler in the world takes only 1 nap! She is so tired for both of them...I can't imagine cutting one of them out. I would love any advise you may have for me. Thanks!


jessb - December 5

Hmmm....Yes most 16 months old only take one nap in the middle of the day, but ever child is different. Eventually you may see your dd staying up longer before the first nap and thats when you start to stretch it so that it becomes only one nap during the day. For now enjoy all your free time while she naps!!


sa__sychick - December 6

My son is 16 months and also still takes two naps a day. He usually wakes around 7:00am and is ready for his first nap around 11:00am and he usually sleeps about 1.5 hours. He will then get sleepy again around 5:00 or 5:30 and I've tried so many times keeping him up but he rubs his eyes constantly, gets irritable and often will get his blanket and lie in the floor so I end up putting him in the crib and he will sleep for another hour or so and goes back to bed between 8:30 and 9:00. I'm figuring he will eventually switch to one nap but I haven't forced the issue. I'd be interested to hear other responses to this question.


drea - December 6

my dd is 14 mos and takes only one nap a day. She stopped taking 2 around 12 mos or so. She Sleeps from about 8pm to 7am with a nap about 1:30 - 4. If shes really tired her nap can sometimes be 3 hours. Also, in the morning around 11:30 she is tired but refuses a nap. If I remember correctly, she started to fight the morning nap or not sleep that long, so I took that as a sign that she didnt need it anymore. Hope this helps.


Perl - December 6

I read somewhere that they usually switch by the 18 month mark keeping in mind that some babies will switch to 1 nap sooner and some later. I think I read this in Baby Wise Book 2.


Kevsgirl21 - December 7

My son is 20 months, and he gave up the morning nap at about 12 months as well. He sleeps from 8pm - 7am and then naps from 11:30-1/1:30 and he is good to go. Of course anytime we are in the car he tends to fall asleep if the ride is more than 15 mintues, but if we stay in all day, he still only takes one nap!


Jilloh - December 7

My DS was about 17 months old when we cut to 1 nap. We just made his morning nap a little bit later and he began taking longer naps.


in the woods - December 8

My kids, both at 14 months (is it a genetic setting?) started refusing their 1st nap, dragging their feet, though I could see they were getting more and more tired. So they'd drop finally an hour of two later than their customary 1st nap - and that became the only nap. So they switched themselves.


shelly - December 9

my son will be 18 months in jan but he cut out the 2nd nap at about 15 months but he is a late riser at around 8 oclock am so maybe thats where hes getting the extra sleep when cut out 2nd nap.cant decide whats better,an extra hour in the morning or an hour in the afternoon so i can get things done but maybe she just needs that extra nap.


cubbie - December 9

If your daughter is still going to sleep at the same time in the evening and not fighting her naps, she's not ready to cut one out yet. I don't remember what age my dd was, but I remember that she would somedays fight one nap and be exhausted before bedtime and other times take the nap but end up going to sleep late, it took a couple of weeks for her to drop the nap and get back to her usual sleeptime, but it came from her not from me.



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