When To Potty Train

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kendra.marie - December 17

my daughter is in her 16th month & we were thinking of maybe to start potty training her. we have a baby on the way. due in early july (one month before her 2nd bday) have any ideas of when its a good time.


in the woods - December 17

You can start potty train at any time, kids respond differently - there are some smart 16 months olds. If it does not work (if you feel there are too much pressure on the child or you) just let it go. I had both the baby and toddler in diapers for 8 months until I trained the oldest at 27 months, she was ready then. If I had another baby though, I'd start at 2-3 months - that old-fashioned method of holding a baby above the toilet. I tried to train the second child at 18 mo, but he was clearly not ready then. 26-27 months is a magic number for us. And one more thing - when you are in the last trimester, it may require too much energy from you to train, so it's really either now or after the birth.


cubbie - December 17

Hi, I have 2 daughters, my older will be 3 in Feb and is only just daytime trained, we had a really tough time with her, she was ready at 2, but I was 7 months pregnant, so I wasn't ready, once I felt she was used to the changes of the new baby I tried to train her, but by then she had learned to hold in and would hold in for 6-7 hours before having an accident then holding in until nightime when she knew she would get a diaper, things just got worse and worse and she developed a real fear of going on the toilet, then she started nursery half day and would be in a diaper there all morning (they tried taking her to the toilet a few times but found that if she didn't need to go she would sit, but if she did she refused and started crying), then I would take the diaper off when she got home and she would hold in until nightime. So a couple of weeks ago I took her out of nursery for a week and worked with her it was tough going but we finally got there, and now she loves going in the toilet! but I will never go through that again, so I've started with my younger daughter who is 9 months, I put her on the potty a few times a day (when she wakes up, before sleeping and 20 mins after bottles) she goes about 5 times a day in the potty and I make a big deal about it, I'm not bothered about when she's out of diapers I just don't want her and me to go through the "toilet fear" it was so hard, so I guess what I'm trying to say is that in my opinion starting earlier is preferable to later, but I guess it depends on you and your baby!!!! Good luck



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