When To Start Potty Training

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drea - January 29

my dd is 16 months and has started to say "doo doo" before she goes. I cant quite tell yet if she means #1 or #2. Somtimes its pee and sometimes its poop. Is this a sign that I should try to start potty training her? Is this too young? Just wondering what others have done. Thanks.


Cevvin - January 29

I know my mom started when i was young and she was happy she did because i picked up on it really well. Me and my dd are not that close yet, (only 10 months) but i know when she is going pee, because she will look and pinch her diaper. Try it see how it goes, dont force her, make it a game, and make sure she knows that when she goes in the potty its a good thing!


bean - January 30

First my rant... I get so so so frustrated when friends of mine worry about when it is too young to start potty training because I feel like the major paper manufacturers in this country (P&G, etc) have so brainwashed all of us to think our children aren't capable of understanding bodily functions until age 3 or older! ugh. Please, don't take any offense drea! I'm just voicing my resentment at all these ads from diaper sales people as to how your toddler isn't ready. They just want to make more money!!! On that note, no, I totally don't think 16 months is too young and AWESOME for your little girl to know that she needs to go. I would absolutely introduce the toilet to her, but as Cevvin said, do it in the most unstressful way. When your dd says "doo doo," just say, ok, you want to use the potty? (or whatever word you chose) and lead her to it. Put her on it and if nothing happens, just pretend it's normal with an "all done - good job!" If something does - even better! But don't make a big deal out of it. Your dd is probably simply self-toilet training. My dd did that, too at 14 months, and only wears diapers at night for bed (simply cause I got sick of getting up 3 times a night when she woke to go to the toilet). Girls tend to learn younger and I think if you act as if it's natural, like eating or talking or walking, she will too.


olivia - January 30

Just as a warning, my dd got very excited to potty train around 16 months so I got her a potty, she used it for two days. After that she said she was just going to use her pants, and she has. She is now 28 months and we have gotten nowhere. I keep her in underpants when we are home and she is happy to pee or poop in them and take them off and put on a fresh pair. It is driving us crazy, but I just wanted to share because we were so excited when we thought it would happen fast, and early. Good luck!


drea - January 31

no offense taken bean, we're all ent_tled to our opinion. I actually have been saying to her " do you want to go on the potty and make doo doo like mommy does?" and she says no, but I havent gotten a potty for her yet so I havent actually tried. I'm going to get one this weekend and give it a shot. I'm definetly not going to force her or anything, if she isnt ready, she'll do it in her own time. thanks girls.


^lucy^ - February 3

my dd is 20 months old and i've been wondering if she's ready or not..she can talk fluently now and says everything she wants..but the problems is that she tells me peepee mama or "kaka" for poop after she's done! im struggling with that now but we do have a toilet seat and she would sit for 2 seconds and grab the tissue and wipe, then flushes the toilet and washes her hands and goes out... i think she goes into the toilet to do everything but what she has to :p i hope we'll be tyrained before she's 2 cz she hates diapers and gives me a hard time when i have to change her


tryingx3 - February 8

:-) My dd is 16.5 mo old and is saying uh-oh when she pa__ses gas or goes to potty. I am going to buy a potty chair this weekend and try to introduce - with NO pressure. Right now, I have to really watch her if the toilet lid is up, she thinks it is a great place to put her hands! Yuck!



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