When To Start The Big Boy Bed

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me - December 27

I am 7 months pregnant and don't want to have to purchase another crib for the new baby. Our older baby will be about 19 months when the new baby arrives. We aren't sure when we should transition him to a big boy bed. We also don't have the money to get a toddler bed first and then a single bed. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks-


Cevvin - December 27

I am also pregnant with my 2nd. I asked my mother-in-law the same questions because she had 5 kids in 5 years. She said that when she moved her oldest (my husband) at 17 months he wasn't ready. But they did it anyway. What I am going to do is house our youngest in the pack and play ba__sinet for about 3 months in our bedroom. And during that time try to transition our oldest to the toddler bed. Pending on how well or not well that goes we might have to get another crib. Hopes this helps or gets your ideas flowing. Good Luck.


olivia - December 27

We left our oldest in the crib and her brother when in a ba__sinet for the first 4 months. Then we got a second hand crib for him, because she wasn't quite ready. About 2 months later she climbed out and was done with the crib, at about 21 months. So you might be able to swing it if you have a ba__sinet of some sort. I hear you shouldn't switch him right away or sometimes they feel you are stealing their bed to give it to the baby and might be hostile. We were going to take hers away but we had just moved and had the baby, and I couldn't do that to her. So that is the only reason we bought a second one even if it only was needed for 2 months...


in the woods - December 27

My kids are 19 months apart, too - for the first two months, I co-slept with the baby, and the oldest kept her crib. After that, we did get a toddler bed, which she loved at 21 mo. Money-wise, a toddler bed is not a good investment. I would get a twin bed (perhaps in a thrift store or at a garage sale) if I were you. The reason is - they grow way too fast for a toddler bed to be a good investment. My son (he'll be 3 in a couple of weeks) is the size of a 4 year old, he needs more room while sleeping. My 4 year old is sleeping on her twin bed already. So - yes, I'm for a twin bed right after the crib.


iemc19 - December 28

Mine are all further apart in age - so we haven't experienced that out of neccessity...but our cot is quite a small one - and my kids are all very tall...so by the time they are about 18 months old they despise the cot for its cramped feel! Again, I don't feel toddler beds are good value...We use a bed rail - the kind that just fold down...Plus we put a gym/excercise mattress on thefloor beside the bed - or a thick duvet/quilt - just in case...Just in case has never happened!! And every one of them has slept better the minute they went into the bed....I would be wary about moving your toddler out of the cot after the baby is born - incase there are any jealousy issues then kicked up...'I'm being put out of my bed for the new baby'.....


mommybabyboy21 - December 29

my brother and I are 18 months apart. For the first 4 months she had me in a ba__sinet. When she went to put my brother in a twin bed he didnt want to go. but we have an uncle that is 9 years older than us and my brother adored him so my mom got my uncle's sheets and put them on the big boy bed and quickly my brother gave up his crib to me. When I have my next and my current son needs to be switched out I was thinking of doing something similar to that such as letting my son chose the sheets for his bed.


cae - December 29

Like mentioned above, Is it possible to have your newborn in a ba__sinet for 3-4months and let your toddler sleep in his crib. We plan to transition Ethan(22months) in the next 2 weeks into a toddler bed. So we'll see how it goes. Maybe 1 month before your newborn will need the crib, then start transitioning your toddler into a big boy bed. So if your newborn sleeps in his ba__sinet for 3 months, you toddler will be around 22 months to be switched into his new big boy bed.


Jilloh - January 1

My DS is 2 days shy of 21 months old he has been in a twin size bed (yup skipped the toddler bed but our twin is really low to the ground much like a toddler) since the middle of September (about 18 1/2 months old) because he would not stay in the crib. We first just made the big boy bed like his crib..we put a safety rail on the side and only put a mattress pad and fitted sheet on the bed and then covering him as if he were still in the crib. As the months have worn on he has taken to having a flat sheet added tucked in and a pillow. He doesn't always sleep under the sheet or on the pillow but other times he does. I am 3 days shy of my due date with child #2 and so the crib is free for baby and DS is happy and settled with his big boy bed. I would start the transition ASAP so you won't have to worry in the coming weeks ahead!


Tasha - January 3

So my baby is 21 months old, has never tried to climb out of the crib, actually we always have the rail down, not all the way up. Should I move him or just wait. Im really excited to decorate his room into a childs room instead of a baby room. We are planning another baby but even if I get pregnant this month, I still have 9 months before it gets here, should I wait....just wondering your opinions...Thanks.


kayla_shauntel_05 - January 4

My daughter is 19 months old and has slept two nights in her big girl bed.........we bought a nice wooden toddler bed at walmart......It was like $50 and uses her crib mattress.



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