When To Stop Using Pacifier

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drea - October 13

my dd is almost 13 mos and loves her pacifier. I've heard that if they keep using one past a certain age it can screw up their teeth. Just wondering when you guys started to wean your lo's off the binky. I think I may be able to get away with just using it at nap and bedtime, but its gonna be hard after that.


AA - October 13

Hi drea~ I took DD paci away at 17 months, my pedi recommeneded asap and I made a personal decision when she was born that I would never allow after 18 months. I must say the longer your DD has hers the more she will get attached to it. There really is no scientific proof pacis mess up teeth, they are simply too soft. our pedi also agreed. The first day if taking it away I cut the nipples off and she knew they were broken didnt cry about it, second day i just tossed after she realized broken. She whined another day off and on then I havent heard anything about it since and man was she attached. She now has a stuffed lamb to cling to instead. Good luck!


jujubee0228 - October 16

Get it away from her ASAP! There's nothing worse than seeing a 'grown' baby with a pacifier! haha.....try getting a pair of scissors and cutting off the tip of the nipple, so when your child has it in her mouth, there won't be any suction like she's used to. Eventually, she won't want it anymore! Worked for me. Good Luck.


Kspa - October 16

I don't understand the big deal. Gradually take it away and only use for nighttime. Take away completely by the time they are 24 months or so. Don't understand the myth about it screwing up their teeth. Plus, aren't these baby teeth?


drea - October 17

thanks for the suggestions girls, I will be giving it a try. Kspa, there is no rush, its just that I know it will take a long time to get her to not use it anymore so I would rather begin now instead of when she starts having tantrums when I take it away from her. Also, its not a myth that thumb sucking and/or pacifier use beyond a certain age affects a childs teeth. Even though they are baby teeth they set a pattern for your adult teeth. IMO, I agree with jujubee, a grown chid running around with a pacifier in his or her mouth is not good.


in the woods - October 18

Just curious - since I never had pacifiers with my kids - do your kids "find" their thumb to suck when deprived of pacifier?


drea - October 19

my dd doesn't really suck her thunb if she doesnt have the paci. Somethine she sticks her fingers in her mouth, but usually if her paci is not around, shell out whatever else she can find in there. Besides, her molars are coming in, so she's like a drool machine again.



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