When To Switch Them Out Of Their Crib

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lin7604 - June 26

When have most of you switched you LO out of their crib into a big bed? my ds tosses and turns ALOT and he is very content in it. He is 20 months. I am wondering what the average age is for most? I know some wait till they out grow the crib around 3 and some do it a lot sooner, how do you know if they are ready to make the switch! His crib turn into a day bed.


in the woods - June 26

With the first, the decision was very simple - the future tenant was waiting! Got her a toddler bed at 20 months. Fun fun she liked it, it was the race car type (sold since, no plastics anymore). Two-three night falls, and then she got the hang of it. With the second child, it was 18 months - that is not a very big difference, a few months give or take. I wouldn't keep them in the crib at 3 - getting too smart, with climbing out and everything.


iemc19 - June 27

Yeah - I've always moved them out well before their 2nd birthday, no3 actually got moved the earliest at about 16mths...he hated the narrowness of the cot...I just go to a standard bed with a safety rail...and I place the cot mat or gym mat at the side just incase...but we've never had an accident - That happens when they're older...LOL


iemc19 - June 27

cot mattress...sorry


Crystal83 - June 27

I don't know how I knew, but I just knew with my 2 oldest when they got to a certain age that they should go into a bed. I could tell for each of them when they got to a certain stage that they wouldn't be crawling out of the bed all the time or falling out of the bed, and it would help them to become more mature in the bedtime area. My oldest was about 20 months and my 2nd dd was about 16 months. I guess I'll wait and see with my youngest now. They are all very good sleepers, I'm lucky.


kimberly - June 27

Honestly I never even thought about it I just knew I had too when they started to climb out and would sometimes fall and get hurt . I think it was around 18 months with my oldest two.


mjvdec01 - June 27

We re decorated my daughters room right after her 2nd birthday and bought her a big girl bed. We have it up against one wall with a safety rail on the other side. She loves it, although she won't sleep with the covers on and she still moves all over the place.


kim00 - June 27

We switched to a toddler bed at 15 mnths.


jessb - June 28

Wow most of you switched them over so early. I feel bad- my dd is 28 months and we are just now painting her "big girl" room and hope to have the furniture moved it and her sleeping in it next week. I guess I just thought she was too little before she turned two and then it just took me a few months to get motivated to do the switch :o) I kind of have now, with a new one due in December. I guess I still think of my DD as a baby sometimes, even though she is getting to be a big girl. Do you think we will have a hard time trying to switch her b/c we waiting so long?


mjvdec01 - June 29

my advice would be, don't take the crib out of the room yet. Leave it in with the big girl bed. That way if she really resists, or is afraid for the first few nights you have the option, rather than getting no sleep. The first two nights with my daughter she wouldn't sleep the whole night in her new bed and we were very thankful we hadn't removed the crib just yet. By the third night she was fine and in the morning we took the crib apart. Good luck!


lin7604 - June 30

thanks everyone, i can't even imagins switching him right now!!!! I am glad he is so content in it, never once has tried to clim out, he also tosses so much at night and doesn't us a clanket yet, i have always had one on him in the beginning but with in a few hours it's off in a corner. I know if i were to try right now it would he harder as i don't think he would get that he needs to stay in it with out the rail as his crib turns into a daybed, so it wouldn't be a "new" bed. I know he would keep climbing out a ton of times, as i have tried to have him sleep on a bed when we have been out adn it's over and over, he would just cry and then climb off! SO when we have been out i have had to hold him for a nap otherwise it's just a climbing off the bed thing for hours! I def think i will wait till his 2nd b-day and then see how i feel, if he has matured more to understand that he will have to stay even thought the front rail isn't there anymore.



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