Where Are All The December 07 Moms

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Buffi R. - April 24

Post if you're out there!! Our thread seems to have peetered away. Hope to here from you!


tish212 - April 30

Hey buffi! Sorry things here are CRAZY!! I am barely everI home any more!! Running here there and everywhere, and when I am home on the nice days, i take lil miss outside to play or swim. She loves her pool! The pregnancy is going great, she is moving around sooo much all the time. Alexa loves to lift my shirt and kiss my belly... and wave to the baby. she has learned to say lots of words and sentences, and b__w kisses and kiss... its so cute she waves to everyone, and kisses everything! She even tries to kiss her belly b___ton lol! Frankie (my lil brother) has REALLY turned things around! 2 A's and a B!!! from all E's! He us doing great so helpful! but now his dad is really sick! He came home and I took him to urgent care, and well he has limes disease, hepit_tis and a severe urinary tract infection... we are waiting to find which form of hep, but its got frankie upset that his dad is sick too. But other than that things are good....i love summer weather! I have planted my flowers, the gra__s is cut all neat, and well 2 months and I get to meet my lil girl #2! Hopefully Alexa will take to her, but I dunno, my lil lady is so spoiled she won't want to share mommy or daddy.... oh well we shall see huh? I hope other mommies respond too, if not then well buffi its just me and you left...


tish212 - April 30

Yikes forgot to read the other post before I responded, so there are some questions that I didn't answer, well she is a lil girl most def, she spread her legs wide and showed herself all over the place! and we have a DVD of her playing with her feet and her hands behind her head just relaxing! I dont have a thread I post on, I didn't have time to keep up with all those ladies, I mean they post like 30 times a day, and I don't have the time to read through all that.... so I gave up. And Alexa is so big as well.... the Dr. says she is the size of a 2 year old, she wears 3t clothing, she is too big for most of her toys, lol like her tricycles and such... poor thing. She does love to ride daddys bike though, (motorcycle) he takes her for rides around the yard and she giggles and laughs and if she sees him put it away with out giving her a ride she gets mad... so this weekend I am going to take her to a sportbike show (DH is going too but he is going with his bike club so I will take Lexa and frank) Phew the pregnancy has gotten a lil easier, gotten used to the back pain and such... but its hard to keep telling alexa she cant kick or play on mommies tummy, and she still ALWAYS wants to be carried by me...though she is walking more now (meaning when we go shopping she will give it a try to walk with me before she wants me to carry her again) that makes the back pain worse, but I figure why not, this is my last 2 months of just me and her. Well I better go, shes down for a nap (she gets up at 7am now so we can drive frankie to school) since daddy isn't home he is at his new job (he leaves here at 6am and doesn't get home till like 6:30 or 7pm) so I have things to finish up before she wakes up...


socurbaby7 - May 3

I actually did respond to this thread buffi and for some reason it didnt go threw.. nothing big tho.. just saying im still alive and all lol.... Last week of school right now then im off for the summer... im moving out on my own this summer so that should be interesting to say the least... probably moving in with the kids dad... yes we r back together... been together for almost 5 months now and things are going amazing... aside from the psycho who actually a__saulted me two weeks ago... anyways the kids are doing amazing... roni-jos still getting into everything... i feel horrible working so much even though its when she sleeps i feel like i must be missing out on something in her life... or what if she wakes up in the middle of the night and needs mommy you know... and dcaury starts kindergarten this fall which will be nice, but i dont know if im going to have him go to the day care too for the half day program and school, depends on how my whole schedule works out.. and then what to do with the baby... idk its crazy... lifes moving too fast... tish i can't believe its that soon your having the baby ... i feel like our pregnancies took forever and this past year with the kids flew by like no bodies business... anyways im at work... hope all is well ~alice


Buffi R. - May 5

Socur, glad to hear from you! Enjoy the summer off from school. a__suming I don't find a job right away, I'll be taking two cla__ses this summer...Chemistry and a computer cla__s. I think I'll do fine in the computer cla__s, but wish me luck on Chemistry! In case I forgot to mention this before, we're switching day care providers for Cameron and Maddie next week. Even before we found out DH was getting laid off, we decided that we should find a less expensive provider while I'm in school to help stretch out my unemployment benefits. Both kids have been in a large day care center that we really liked, and now they'll be going to a home provider. I've never used day care from an individual in their home before, so hopefully it goes well. I was really worried about how Cameron would react to the change because he usually doesn't take well to that, but this new provider has a little Jack Russell terrier and we told Cameron we found a day care where he can play with a dog and he got really excited. Maddie should be fine. She loves her current teachers, but she adapts well to change, so I'm not as worried about her. Of course, if DH does lose his job, we might have to pull them out of day care entirely so I probably shouldn't even be worrying about it. Talk to you guys later..


tish212 - May 6

Hey ladies, found a few extra minutes while li lady naps. yep time is flying by. Alexa is talking a lot now, somethings I can understand and somethings Im just lost on, but we talk anyway. I am working on finishing the painting in her room, since I never had time to finish all of it, so when I get it done I will post them on her piczo site. I also want to start working on the lil ones room but Frankie is living in there, however DH and I have talked about it, and well after graduation he will have to move back to his house, I need that room and it is gonna be way way too jam packed here once the baby comes (my house is by no means small) its just too much hussle and bussle with a new baby, Alexa and DH to add a teenager. Its also very hard to work my schedule around him...making sure he gets home from school, and taking him everywhere he needs to go. Contractions have started- 3 days ago, they are strong, not the braxton hicks that I got with lexa at the begining but full painful take your breath away double you over contractions. I am worried because the braxton hicks started 2 weeks before alexa came, and I AM NOT READY for her to come right now, NOR do I think she is ready, I think she needs to bake in my oven a lil longer. Alexa lifts my shirt all day long- kissing my belly and waving to it, then she pulls my shirt down, and waves bye to the baby...I think she is fine with her inside my belly...lol. BUFFI- DH says he likes his job, however he is always so exhausted when he comes home, that i think he may be a little regretful- but he won't tell me. the upside though, he is getting paid very well at this job, and he has 15 weeks of pay from his old job, so we are getting double paid, so we are ok for now. I am moving mom to a halfway house- a house with 4 or 5 other ladies in a similar situation as her, with a live in nurse who takes them out shopping and such. We think it will help her a LOT to get out of the crazy ward at the nursing home (they put her there because it is the only locked wing) but I went to visit her sunday and she was trying to tell me the name of a lady in there, and the woman freaked out...thought mom was saying something was on her shirt, then that she was wet, then that there was something on a bench and so on.... i mean the lady was CRAZY and it was irritating mom, because she was getting confused about what the woman was going on about. So i talked to the program director and she is going to give me a list of halfway houses in the area that I can look into. So I am busy busy busy!!! OHHH forgot to mention, we are trying to potty train Alexa, we have her potty out and she will take her diaper off, and sit on it, and she REALLY tries to go in it. She showed all the signs and with her great interest in it now, I am sure we are making the right choice. Well better go...nice to hear from you ladies, SOCUR- I am glad things are working out for you!!! that is great, as hard as you ave been working you deserve it!


tish212 - May 8

Hey again ladies, once again I find some extra time. My lil lady is sleeping. She went out earlier to play...lol and decided to take a swim, in her clothes lol! She has had serious allergy issues lately runny nose, coughing etc, which is causing problems with her sleeping. However like I said before- i have a bed set up in her room, so mommy sleeps next to her every night. It helps relax her, and she sleeps through the night, but while she is sick like this it relaxes me to be able to listen to her breath all night. I am having more and more contractions, and now HORRIBLE back pain right above my b___t,which sucks because before everything was easy to deal with, but this hurts so much I can barely walk more than 20 feet without severe pain. I just hope she doesn't come earlier because I am NOT ready for her yet, the ba__sinet isn't set up, the room is still occupied by Frankie and I am enjoying my last 2 months of me and Alexa time... since after Alivia comes she is no longer Mommy's one and only. There is so much that needs to be done still!!! Her clothes need to be hung up, (which I can't do until Frankie is out) I have more cleaning in the house to do. And PHEW I have been nesting like CRAZY!! I have been scrubbing my entire house from ceiling to floor, everything has to be put away all the time, nice and neat, including things in DH's garage (which is drivin him insane!) And whats worse, Alexa has enough clothes for Alivia, but I keep bying new clothes for Alivia!!! They are just so cute, and small and its so fun.... Well Mothers day is sunday so Happy Mothers day ladies, we are all going to a Seafood buffet in Ocean City, snow crab legs, crab cakes, fried fish, shrimp, clams, oysters every thing you can imagine!!! Well today was a half day for school so Frankie has been here most of the afternoon, but he was out to help grandad, who came over to cut the gra__s (we can cut our own, but he loves doing it, says it gives him something to do) Frankie is very helpful to anyone which is great, but I need my space and my previous life back so that I can prepare to add Alivia to it, I am afraid it will be harder with him here too. And working around his schedule drives me insane!!! I know I know it seems I am nonstop complaining, but I have been dealing with this for a while, and its driving me insane holding it inside. I have to buy tons more food, so I can feed a teenager, then I have to cook big meals while caring for Alexa (meaning feeding her and preparing her for a bath and such while cooking dinner), I have to be here when he is here, I have to schedule my trips out of the house around his school schedule... I feel like I have NO freedom anymore, I like to go shopping without having to rush home, even grocery shopping. UGGGGGG!!!! And I am still waiting on the info from the lady at mom's nursing home so I can begin looking into the halfway houses.... I have told mom what I plan to do, and she remembers that I told her that!!! So I think she is looking forward to it, and with it taking this long, I am afraid she will become more and more disappointed, She seemed like she was looking forward to the move, and having more freedom, and I want to get her there ASAP!! Also it looks like Frankie just might miss making the deadline in his english cla__s to graduate... we will just have to wait and see...well I hear a lil lady making noise...so I better go...


Buffi R. - May 9

Hi ladies! Here's an update on DH's job...he didn't get laid off last week like we were expecting. That's the good news. The bad news is he got a 25% pay cut with more responsibilities and more people reporting to him. He was offered a pretty nice severence package including insurance coverage for seven weeks, but with me not working we couldn't take the chance of him not finding something else in that time, so he took the lower paying job. Hopefully he'll still find the time to look for something else in between the 60-some-odd hours he's working each week. I'm looking for work more seriously now too, even though I'd rather just keep going through school until I get my nursing degree. It'll be two years before that's finished, and odds are I think I'll find another job in the mean time, so I bet I'll never be able to get my nursing degree. That's depressing considering all the effort I put into my cla__ses last semester, knowing the time might be wasted in the end. So it's good news and bad news, but thankfully not all bad. Cameron has a birthday party to go to this afternoon. Maddie is cutting FOUR teeth right now, including her first two molars. She doesn't want to each much solid foods. We'll gotta go. Talk to you guys later!


tish212 - May 11

YIKES Buffi, I am with you on the teeth thing.... Alexa is teething sooo bad- I have never seen her drool so much, she soakds tons of shirts...but she isn't really fussy, shes clingy to me but not fussy....DH and I were talking about it, and we think she may be becoming so clingy because she knows the baby is coming...see everyone here is sure that I am not gonna make it to July, and the more I think about it- the more I agree, I think though that she senses it, and knows she is running out of time to be with mommy all by herself, so I am indulging her clinginess. Yesterday we went to that Seafood Buffet and it was WONDERFUL!!! I ate TONS of snow crab legs, fried clams, crab impereal, lobster, scallops and more!!! And everyone had a great time. Whats better- we were in Ocean City, so we all decided to go to the boardwalk and walk around, DH, Frankie, and Shawn (my lil brother in law) all went swimming in the ocean (the water was like 50 degrees) but they still swam. Alexa got her first beach experience, she likes sand on her feet, and liked watching the waves splash. Grandad got to sit on the boardwalk and watch all the people, which he said he loved! MIL said she had a blast too, so we have all decided to go back, (we don't go often) and me and DH are taking Alexa to a beach again since she had such a good time. Mom is doing good, she is crying less-she seems to remember things more now, and she seems to be excited that I am planing on moving her...which is great! Well just wanted to express how good of a time I had yesterday!! It was a good Mothers day! Hope everyone else had as good a time! The contractions are coming worse and worse. I had some really really bad ones yesterday but didn't tell anyone because I didn't want everyone freaking out and thinking we had to leave, I really hope she is gonna stay in there longer, because I am not sure she is full size yet, and I don't want her to stay in the hospital at all.... but my body seems to keep wanting her out...we shall see... well ladies have fun!!!


Buffi R. - May 12

Tish, how many weeks along are you? Just wondering how early she'll be if she does come sooner than later. Cameron & Maddie started their new (cheaper) day care today. I'm already missing the nicer place we just left. A couple weeks ago when I went to this woman's house to meet her, I noticed she has an open stairway into her bas____nt that comes off the living room where the kids play. She didn't have any type of gate on it, so I asked her about that knowing that Maddie could easily fall down the stairs without a gate. (The other kids she currently sits for are either old enough not to fall, or young enough not to be mobile.) She said she had a gate and would put it on by the time we start. So guess what I saw when I brought the kids over there today? No gate. I asked her about it again, and she a__sured me she'd put one on later today, then I offered to stay with Maddie to keep her away from the stairs until she got it. I think she got the hint, and went to get the gate right away. It turned out to be a spring-loaded gate, not a screw-on type, which I don't think is nearly as safe at the top of a stairway, but that's all she had. I guess she doesn't want to bore holes into her nice banister. :-( Fortunately Maddie was ignoring the whole gate, and hopefully she won't try to shake it or lean on it. She's getting better about going up & down stairs, like the ones we have outside our front door. She knows to hold the railing or one of our hands, or sit down to go down the stairs, and considering how dangerous it could be if she forces that spring-loaded gate down, I wonder if she'd be safer without any gate. Arrgghhhh, I don't know what to do. I don't want to get off on a bad foot with this person because everything else about her seems great and she had wonderful references. She was also about the only daycare provider with room for both kids, so I don't have many other choices than going back to the expensive place and b__wing all our savings. Anyway, on another subject, it looks like Cameron's hearing loss might be getting worse in his better ear. When he was two, he got a cochlear implant in his worse ear and ever since then he's done really well with the implant in that ear, and wearing a high-powered hearing aid on his other ear. But now his better ear seems to have lost more hearing to the point that the hearing aid isn't cutting it anymore. His audiologist recommended that we start thinking about getting a cochlear implant in that ear too. We agree, but it's major surgery with risks, and I don't even want to think about the money, especially if Ken loses his job and insurance and we have to put the kids on Medicaid. Usually bilateral implants aren't covered by Medicaid, so we might get in big trouble if we undergo the surgery then have no insurance for all the post-op programming that's required in the year after the surgery. It's a pretty major undertaking even when you have good insurance. We'll see.... talk to you guys later!


tish212 - May 13

BUFFI- I am sorry to hear about Cameron's ear, I am sure that it will work out in the end though (DH has been teaching me that outlook) Also with the gate thing, I would be freaked out of my mind too!!! Alexa attacks the gate to our kitchen, she knows how to loosen it and knock it down, shes very rough... since I am always here with her it isn't a big deal...but in your position I would be freaked out...maybe you should talk to her about it? Maybe tell her that you "had" one of those gates at your house and Maddie kept knocking it over...that you guys had to switch to the mounted kind? Maybe she would get the hint?? I am almost 30 weeks (as to what the sonogram says) to what me and DH counted from (well ACTUALLY having s_x) I am 34 weeks, (the date they gave we weren't having s_x at all because all the issues with mom in the coma, I mean it was the LAST thing on my mind) I am now getting SUPER uncomfortable, to the point that I can barely sleep...I hurt soooo bad in my "lower" area, like tons and I mean TONS of pressure... worse than Alexa, but no hip pain (KNOCK ON WOOD) just back pain, contraction in my front and horrible in my back and that LOW pain... But I am holding her in there trying sooo hard to put on weight...(I am losing weight really really bad, I can't eat without getting sick right after) so I am eating small small things all day long, mostly cereal with bananas anything bigger and I can't keep it down...so here is hoping it works and lil lady #2 stays in there Other than that, things are floating along...DH is doing GREAT at his new job, already got his first raise, and now is getting a company vehicle... all these great things are happening quickly for him... the raise wasn't supposed to happen for 90 days, and the vehicle was supposed to be a year after being with the company... his boss really seems to like him! My lil terror is doing great she is getting rougher by the minute... she loves wrestling her daddy, and she can give him a run for his money on it too because she doesn't wear out lol... she eats like a piggie, but with me she is a completely different lil girl, she is very loving and cuddley HOWEVER she has become really really clingy lately... like she won't let me out of her sight without screaming her head off in a panic. I think she senses the baby is coming and she isn't ready... so she is right with me all the time, which I don't mind, I love being with her, I am just getting more and more worried about how she is going to deal with the baby and sharing her mommy...but it will work out in the end, even if it is super hard at the begining eventually it will work out... Well gotta run... other things to get done while lil lady naps...take care ladies...


margie - May 15

I can't believe I just had this really long reply and it just didn't post it!! What the...??? I'm here and I will catch up again tomorrow with everything I wrote on here again, gotta go get Angel ready for bed though now. Good night everyone!


Buffi R. - May 15

Great to hear from you Margie, and I'll watch for your "re-post"! :-)


Zeke - June 11

Hi Girls! Its been forever. It's Zeke (I had Bobby). I haven't been on this site forever but I thought I'd come say Hi. To say life has been hectic for us would be an understatement. A couple weeks ago I was sitting at my desk at work and I thought "holy moly" I haven't check in on the forums in forever. The email address I had in my profile started filtering out the message replies as spam and once i figured that out I tried to follow the links but they were blocked. So I apologize. I saw I have a few responses (possibly some where the heck are you messages :-) ) but I couldn't read them. I'm changing my email contact now. I hope you all are well. And Tish I think you should be pretty close to having your baby right?


Zeke - June 11

Okay, so I think I'm pretty much caught up on the posts. Tish did you have your baby? Our updates are: Bobby's cutting his molars which isn't fun(3 out of the 4 are up), we've been talking potty training but not started yet. He'll tell you right before and right after he poops but he won't do in on the potty. I finally weaned Bobby about 6 weeks ago (he was only on one feeding but that was still a big hurdle for us), so now I guess its time to start thinking about birth control again. Socur - you said you had an IUD? What kind is it? I'm considering it, but worried about weight gain. Is it like the depo shot used to be? Hmmmm...that's about all the major stuff for me. We just got a notice at work that starting in July everyone has to take a mandatory day off once a month without pay. Kind of sucky, but it gives me an extra day with my kids and I'm just thankful that I still have a job with the economy the way it is. Thats it for now :-)


socurbaby7 - June 14

Hey ladies... zeke as for your question... i have the mirena IUD and it has worked wonderfully... we haven't used a condom once since the baby and well no new babies.. i ahvent gained any weight either... no real side affects except you stop having ur period which will freak you out for awhile til you get used to it... cause i would always think i was preggo... like it must not be working... it hurt a little to put in because i did not have veronica v____ally... wehich meant they had to open my cervix a little to get it in... but all in all it wasnt that bad... ... in other news... i went for my annual pap in february and it came back with abnormal cells... which i guess after your teen years if that happens you have to have a coloscopy done wit possible biopsy of abnormal cells.. this is because it could be precancer or cancer and they have to detect it as soon as possible and get rid of it and find out how severe it is... so i went in may to have that done... they had to do a biopsy of the cells... and the obgyn said it didnt look like a big deal from what she could tell... if anything a mild displaysia(sp) and that i would get the results in the mail no biggie... well the other day i got a call from my doctor to inform me that what she saw looked mild but the test results said it was moderate to severe... still precancerous... but i have to go in to get the cells shaved off now :-( and then hopefully they don't come back and then i have to go every 6 months for a pap... the doc said its probably from hpv... and that sooner or later my body will fight the virus off.. b___t ya... so im kinda freaking out and i dont know what to do... veronica is doing amazing... shes sleeping a in a toddler bed now... she loves it... its a step two yellow buggy car bed... so cute... me and zac moved in together in april and are now lookin to buy a house before november for the first time home buyers tax credit... veronica cut all her molars awhile ago... she didnt really fuss at all about it... then again she never really fusses much at all.. d'caury turns five at the end of july and we are looking to buy him a nice twin bed... i will wirte more later.. how is everyone.... any new babies yet !?


tish212 - June 14

Hey ladies!!! No lil miss hasn't arrived yet, but I am surely counting down the days, Im excited, and sooo over being pregnant! she is quite big and growing right along which is amazing considering that I have only lost weight this pregnancy, so far the dr says its over 25lbs of full loss, when you calculate baby weight, placenta, and fluid weight, as well as visible numbers on the scale. so heres hoping after she is born I get to keep this lil body, cuz i feel super hot! Alexa is doing great! she just so smart and loving it amazes me, she loves to b__w kisses and she is really cuddley with her daddy now (she has always been with me) she is still having trouble with her speech, her words don't come out clear for others to figure out, I know what she is saying and Dh is getting the hang of it, but it is not where she should be at, however in everything else she excels! she knows all her body parts, can say them and point to them, knows a lot of her colors, and knows 1-10 we are now working on perfecting the alphabet, she still gets confused on parts. she is also very mechanical, she can figure anything out, and very determined, if she sets her mind to something, she won't stop until she does it. We took her to the beach again this past weekend, and she had a blast, she played in the ocean with daddy, and played on the beach in the sand with me. I would build a sandcastle and she would knock it down, and she would also fill the buckets for me so I could make the sand castle. A few weeks back we bought her the barbie fj cruiser power wheels, and she picked it up the first day, she just wasn't so good at steering, now she can steer forwards and backwards, and has a blast riding all over the yard on it...last night she climbed on the hood, and dh climbed in it and drove her around the yard while she stunt rode on the hood, it was too cute. She is also loving swimming, we have her pool set up neext to her jungle gym, playground and slides, and she goes from toy to toy...and then jumps in the pool splashes around a while and goes back to the toys. It's just so amazing how much she has grown, and it doesn't feel like enough time has pa__sed for all that. Did I mention the Dr says she measures way way tall for her age, she measures bigger than a 2 year old at her 15 month physical!!! people are always surprised when I tell them she is only 18 months right now. As for me, everything is ok for now, I am working on my relationship with my step dad, I think he really wants a second chance, and I am willing to try because I really want a family (my own family to be a family) I have DH's and they are great, they accepted me from day one and took me right in, but I want my own ya know... so he was over here today i did a bbq, of steak chicken shrimp, corn squash etc...and everyone had a great time! My lil brother is still living with us, however we are working on getting him to move home with his dad... see we do a LOT of family outings on the weekends, and my lil brother misses that, so now that he lives with us and gets to be part of it, he is afraid if he moves out, he won't get to anymore so we are working on making sure he knows that just because he doesn't live under our roof, doesn't mean he can't come with us to everything we do...and that he is more than welcome to all of it! (he had a blast at the beach too!!) DH is working a lot of hours at his new job, but the pay is excellent and he gets a company truck and card to pay for the fuel. so we are saving money there and making more money... its just he is hating the long hours and never being home with lexa, thats why we try to make the most of the weekends Well as usual I have written a novel, guess I had a lot to say... take care ladies and hope everyone is well... sorry for sucha long post.... :) (and I hope to put up new pics on the site soon, when I do i will post about it and post the address again we have TONS of great pics of her at the beach and hanging out here with her daddy!)



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