Where Are All The December 07 Moms

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tish212 - June 14

Hey ladies!!! No lil miss hasn't arrived yet, but I am surely counting down the days, Im excited, and sooo over being pregnant! she is quite big and growing right along which is amazing considering that I have only lost weight this pregnancy, so far the dr says its over 25lbs of full loss, when you calculate baby weight, placenta, and fluid weight, as well as visible numbers on the scale. so heres hoping after she is born I get to keep this lil body, cuz i feel super hot! Alexa is doing great! she just so smart and loving it amazes me, she loves to b__w kisses and she is really cuddley with her daddy now (she has always been with me) she is still having trouble with her speech, her words don't come out clear for others to figure out, I know what she is saying and Dh is getting the hang of it, but it is not where she should be at, however in everything else she excels! she knows all her body parts, can say them and point to them, knows a lot of her colors, and knows 1-10 we are now working on perfecting the alphabet, she still gets confused on parts. she is also very mechanical, she can figure anything out, and very determined, if she sets her mind to something, she won't stop until she does it. We took her to the beach again this past weekend, and she had a blast, she played in the ocean with daddy, and played on the beach in the sand with me. I would build a sandcastle and she would knock it down, and she would also fill the buckets for me so I could make the sand castle. A few weeks back we bought her the barbie fj cruiser power wheels, and she picked it up the first day, she just wasn't so good at steering, now she can steer forwards and backwards, and has a blast riding all over the yard on it...last night she climbed on the hood, and dh climbed in it and drove her around the yard while she stunt rode on the hood, it was too cute. She is also loving swimming, we have her pool set up neext to her jungle gym, playground and slides, and she goes from toy to toy...and then jumps in the pool splashes around a while and goes back to the toys. It's just so amazing how much she has grown, and it doesn't feel like enough time has pa__sed for all that. Did I mention the Dr says she measures way way tall for her age, she measures bigger than a 2 year old at her 15 month physical!!! people are always surprised when I tell them she is only 18 months right now. As for me, everything is ok for now, I am working on my relationship with my step dad, I think he really wants a second chance, and I am willing to try because I really want a family (my own family to be a family) I have DH's and they are great, they accepted me from day one and took me right in, but I want my own ya know... so he was over here today i did a bbq, of steak chicken shrimp, corn squash etc...and everyone had a great time! My lil brother is still living with us, however we are working on getting him to move home with his dad... see we do a LOT of family outings on the weekends, and my lil brother misses that, so now that he lives with us and gets to be part of it, he is afraid if he moves out, he won't get to anymore so we are working on making sure he knows that just because he doesn't live under our roof, doesn't mean he can't come with us to everything we do...and that he is more than welcome to all of it! (he had a blast at the beach too!!) DH is working a lot of hours at his new job, but the pay is excellent and he gets a company truck and card to pay for the fuel. so we are saving money there and making more money... its just he is hating the long hours and never being home with lexa, thats why we try to make the most of the weekends Well as usual I have written a novel, guess I had a lot to say... take care ladies and hope everyone is well... sorry for sucha long post.... :) (and I hope to put up new pics on the site soon, when I do i will post about it and post the address again we have TONS of great pics of her at the beach and hanging out here with her daddy!)


Buffi R. - June 16

Hey ladies! I haven't checked the site in awhile either, I gave up a few days after my last post until now so I'm glad to see so many new posts! Socur, good luck with all your testing & procedures...I'm sure you'll be fine. Rememeber, that's why we have pap smears to find these things early so they can be treated. My boss has had several abnormal pap's in her life and once had to have the biopsy too and everything turned out fine. Maddie has a strange rash right now that I think is a heat rash, but not sure. She was at her 18-mo. check up and had some tiny bumps on her back and the doctor wasn't too concerned saying it was probably contact dermat_tis (irritation from soap or dryer sheets, etc) or a heat rash and suggested we use lotion like Eucerine on her. Over the weekend it spread to her front, then on her upper arms, so I might need to have her seen again to make sure it isn't something worse. She doesn't seem bothered by it at all except for when I'm in the process of changing her clothes. She has a holy temper tantrum and won't let me pull her clothes off, or put new ones on, and I have to wrestle with her to get her dressed. Once she's dressed, she's fine. So I don't know if the clothing change irritates or, or if she's just going through a toddle phase where she wants to do it herself, like she's trying to be more independent. She's been having these clothing fits for a several weeks now, and we just noticed the rash last Friday, so who knows. I had a job interview yesterday for an HR Mgr position at a large mfg. plant in town and I think it went really well. I'm still in school too, working towards a nursing degree, but that'll take me two more years to get, so I've been job searching all this time to see what happens first. If I get the job, I'll have to stop school and forget the nursing thing which will suck because of all the time I would have wasted in school, but if I don't find a job pretty soon, my husband is going to have a stroke because his job is so horrible right now. So I'm trying to do what's best for my family.


wantanotheraftertr - July 6

Tish any baby yet?


socurbaby7 - July 7

hey ladies... quick update... he is proposing to me... and bought a beautiful ring!


Buffi R. - July 8

Congratulations Socur!! I wish you all the best!


Zeke - July 13

Congratulations Socur!!


socurbaby7 - July 26

hey ladies... sorri i haven't updated in a little while... how is everyone doing? Any babies yet?? haven't heard anything from anyone recently... I'm engaged now :-) he proposed to me at a fancyy restaurant in portsmouth by the water and had a bouqet of flowers sent to the table with a note that said will you marry me!!! amazing... anyways veronica is doing amazing and now we have worked things out with his ex where we get his other daughter for two overnights a week and the children love havving their little sister over... and she's about the same size as veronica so every0ones always asking me if they are twins lol... well i mean technically they are irish twins lol.... d'caury had his 5thb day party yesterday and he loved it... im at work so ill write more later have a good one everyone!


margie - July 27

hi everyone remember me? just wanted to stop in and say hi to all of you and hope all your babies are doing wonderful! anjelica is lil miss smarty pants and very tall for her age, i swear whenever there is a kid that is the same height as her they are usually 3 years old! buffi- mine has been getting some rashes as well since it's gotten hot outside, its really frustrating. we are starting to potty train, anyone else started that venture? it is kind of ackward and im working it the best i can but its hard since im not a stay at home mommy, but her daddy told me he would do his best....i hope so! she begged me for the pull ups the other day since they had dora on them and i told her i would get them if she would go potty and she said ok. she tells me "poo poo" when she has to go #2 and she will do that but so far she has only gone pee a couple of times. congrats socur! now this is veronica's daddy? im a lil out of the loop! :-) me and tony are still not engaged or married but we've lived together for years and are parents together so its strange to call him my boyfriend, sometimes i call him my husband because it feels less ackward. talk to yall later!


socurbaby7 - July 27

yes this is veronicas father that im engaged too... ihe isn't the type for commitment so i was surprise when he popped the question... although i had an idea ebcause he had me show him rings i liked... anyways... we tried potty training around 14 months and ended up with a bunch of accidents around the house and we are starting again so it should be interesting... problem is she loves playing with her potty lol... well gotta go have a good on everyone


Buffi R. - July 28

Hey girls! Good to hear from you guys. We haven't started potty training Maddie yet. I haven't even switched her to pull ups, but I'll probably do that in a couple months. She isn't showing any of the readiness signs yet, and I'm in no hurry. That rash she had went away a few days after it started, so luckily that didn't turn into anything major. I've had some activity recently with my job search. I went on a second interview for an HR Mgr. position and I'm waiting to hear if I made it to the next phase. I also have an interview tomorrow with another company that I hadn't heard from in about 6 months, but out of the blue they called me about an HR opening in their company. It's nice to know they were thinking of me! For that company I had the 2nd interview with, part of the interview was to give a Power Point presentation on an HR topic of my choosing, which was really scary but went well. I also met with six different people that day. It's amazing all the hoops you have to jump through to get a job these days! In the mean time, I'm still in school in case I don't find a job and need to fall back on a nursing degree, and enjoying the time with my kids. For pretty much the whole month of August, I'll be in between semesters and I'll take the kids out of daycare until the fall semester starts (or until I get a job, if that happens to come first). My husband's job still sucks and everyday that I'm not working I feel like he's getting closer and closer to a nervous breakdown. Well, not literally, but I know it'll be a big weight off his shoulders when I get back to work. Talk to you guys later!


Buffi R. - July 28

Margie, I forgot to tell you...I love your profile picture of Anjelica! I just added one of Maddie at the pool at her cousin's birthday party. She didn't actually swim that day (she was totally freaked out about it), but she walked around wearing her swimsuit and a towel and got a little splashed. Oh, something else I meant to tell you guys!! I met another Dec. '07 mom. She's my lab partner in my chemistry cla__s, and I've known her all this semester, but just recently found out she had a Dec. '07 baby too. Dec. 26th in fact, which is cool because that was my original due date. (Maddie came a little early on Dec. 6.) I thought about telling her about our little thread and inviting her to join, but then I decided not to. There's some advantages to being anonomous here. Now that we're not all pregnant anymore, we don't talk about too many bodily functions anymore, but still. I know I've admitted some things to you guys where I would just die of embara__sment if we ever met face to face. LOL Tish, I hope you're home enjoying your new baby already. I can't remember what your due date was, but I know it was July so hopefully you had her already. Post if you find time!


tish212 - August 11

OH and a part i forgot, I know the midwife feels put in her place once they found out it was gall stones causing me all that pain, turns out all those attacks i was having are gall stone attacks, and it just happened that the stones would move back into my gallbladder right around the time the gas medicine should have kicked in with all the other attacks....so i felt good being able to show her that i wasn't a big baby that couldn't handle simple gas pain, that I was truly in pain and something really was wrong! I mean she's a nice enough woman but if you had been there that day an seen how she just matter-a-factly told me i was just dehydrated, that they get that all the time, you would understand why i am so pleased to be able to PROVE that i was right and she was wrong something serious was wrong with me!~Sorry had to make sure i added that since it really upset me that she didn't take me more seriously!


Buffi R. - August 13

Tish, congratulations on the birth!! Wow, that's quite an ordeal. I know how you feel about the midwife issue. When I went into premature labor with my first, the OB on call kept dismissing it (over the phone), and he was still on shift later that day when I came to the hospital and was the one who delivered Cameron. He looked very sheepish, apologizing for not recognizing the situation better earlier in the day.


tish212 - August 13

Hey buffi, thanks, and phew that was a lot to read huh? lol there was just so much to it... my infection is still there, i have 1 more round of antibiotics before the hospital ones will be required, and the hematoma is growing, BLEH which is very painful. But everything else is ok. The family trip may be off, since MIL totaled her car, some guy pulled out right in front of her, and smashed into the side of her car...so i think we are holding off on that trip. My little brother was accepted to the cadet prgram but has now changed his mind about his future AGAIN, and i am getting disgusted with all that...but the good news DH was just off for two days and we got to spend lots of time together...which was nice, though it went by really really fast! Alivia is doing great, shes a good sleeper at night mostly eats all day long, and sleeps most of the night. Alexa is also doing great, she is just amazing us everyday with new things she learns and new words she says...its just amazing how much she has grown, it makes me sad sometimes that time is flying by soooo fast, they will be TWO this year!! Well i am so exhaused, me and dh stayed up all night last night didn't get to bed till 5:30am this morning then got up at 9 so we are beat!! (we just talked and talked like we used to and had no idea what time it was, but it was worth it, we hadnt done that in a long time) Well hope to hear from everyone else!! BUFFI- you gotta love how dr's and all of em just a__sume that they know EVERYTHING and that you can't possibly know something they don't! I don't have a low pain tollerance, so it made me really wonder when they told me all that was just gas pains, i mean come on..i dealt with stage 4 endometriosis for over 10 years, and i couldn't handle gas? GRRRRR!!!


margie - August 27

congratulations tish!!! i am so excited for you. i have been really wanting to get pregnant again lately, a good friend of mine is 8 weeks and it is making me almost literally hurt wanting a baby...you know that funny empty feeling you get in your uterus, lol. i dont know if you remember but i had a subchorionic hematoma too during my pregnancy but luckily it was absorbed and went away...that bleeding is scary though! for me it was really dangerous because it could have cut off the supply from my placenta to anjelica and that took a lot of prayers and bed rest to get through. buffi, i love your profile picture how adorable!!! :) i need to catch up on pictures of all your girls, isn't it funny that all of us that are left have girls huh? how are things with your husbands job? at my job they have a 10% cut in salary and then cut back to 36 hours for non exempts. luckily i am in a position that is critical to deliveries to customers so i actually am the opposite and have mandatory overtime...for now at least! socur- how did your tests go? did you get the results yet?


Buffi R. - August 31

Hey Margie!! DH's job is about the same as before but it's getting a little better. Or at least he has a few "OK" days in the middle of all the bad. It's really stressful because he works for crazy people who make impulsive and bad business decisions and he never knows what they'll do next. He works really long hours too, and he's paid on salary, so it's like slave labor. He worked over 90 hours one week, and that's not an exhaggeration. I'm waiting to find out this week if I got a job that I interviewed for, and it's something I think I'll really like so I'm hoping I got it. It's another human resources position (that's what I did before my company closed) but it's with a company that provides HR outsourcing services for lots of different companies. I think that would be more interesting than going back to work for a manufacturing company again. I'm still in nursing school too, and like I've always said I'll keep doing that and looking for a job at the same time, and whichever I complete first will null and void the other. I start my fall cla__ses the day after Labor Day, so I have one week left of my month-long break. Both kids have been home with me this month in between semesters and we're all still surviving...LOL. I know this is only August, but we did family portraits yesterday for Christmas. I know, a little early, but I had a really good coupon to use, and my son just lost both of his too front teeth on top and I thought "toothless" pictures would be cute. Or at least cuter than if we waited until his adult teeth started coming in and he looks like a chipmunk for awhile. A friend of mine told me her son looked rediculous while he went through that phase. So we decided spur of the moment to do pictures. The Christmas outfits my kids already have (bought them last year on clearance) are pretty dressy, so DH & I got all dressed up for the pic's too. They turned out really cool. BTW, for anyone who uses JCPenney portrait studio, you can get a coupon from the Visa web site for 50% off the entire order, plus a free 8x10. You just have to use a Visa card when you pay for the order. The web address is too long to copy here, so just do an online search for Visa JCPenney portrait coupon, and look for the search result that mentions the 50% discount. It's not on the JCPenney site, but on the Visa site. When I redeemed it at the appt. yesterday, the girl who was helping me said that Visa always has that coupon on their web site. Each coupon has an expiration date, but they always offer another one. Nice little tip! Talk to you guys later!



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