Where Are All The December 07 Moms

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Buffi R. - August 31

Hey Margie!! DH's job is about the same as before but it's getting a little better. Or at least he has a few "OK" days in the middle of all the bad. It's really stressful because he works for crazy people who make impulsive and bad business decisions and he never knows what they'll do next. He works really long hours too, and he's paid on salary, so it's like slave labor. He worked over 90 hours one week, and that's not an exhaggeration. I'm waiting to find out this week if I got a job that I interviewed for, and it's something I think I'll really like so I'm hoping I got it. It's another human resources position (that's what I did before my company closed) but it's with a company that provides HR outsourcing services for lots of different companies. I think that would be more interesting than going back to work for a manufacturing company again. I'm still in nursing school too, and like I've always said I'll keep doing that and looking for a job at the same time, and whichever I complete first will null and void the other. I start my fall cla__ses the day after Labor Day, so I have one week left of my month-long break. Both kids have been home with me this month in between semesters and we're all still surviving...LOL. I know this is only August, but we did family portraits yesterday for Christmas. I know, a little early, but I had a really good coupon to use, and my son just lost both of his too front teeth on top and I thought "toothless" pictures would be cute. Or at least cuter than if we waited until his adult teeth started coming in and he looks like a chipmunk for awhile. A friend of mine told me her son looked rediculous while he went through that phase. So we decided spur of the moment to do pictures. The Christmas outfits my kids already have (bought them last year on clearance) are pretty dressy, so DH & I got all dressed up for the pic's too. They turned out really cool. BTW, for anyone who uses JCPenney portrait studio, you can get a coupon from the Visa web site for 50% off the entire order, plus a free 8x10. You just have to use a Visa card when you pay for the order. The web address is too long to copy here, so just do an online search for Visa JCPenney portrait coupon, and look for the search result that mentions the 50% discount. It's not on the JCPenney site, but on the Visa site. When I redeemed it at the appt. yesterday, the girl who was helping me said that Visa always has that coupon on their web site. Each coupon has an expiration date, but they always offer another one. Nice little tip! Talk to you guys later!


margie - October 30

hi everyone! just thought i would update everyone on things going on in my life. honestly nothing too exciting which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. angel is a little spit fire, isn't it funny seeing our little ones personalities come shining through? my little anjelica is definetely the cla__s clown type, always trying to make us laugh. she loves to pretend to fall down and yell "whooooah! what happened?" and watch to see if anyone is laughing, oh and then she also loves to b___t her head into us like a ram and then again do the pretend falling down, i have to admit it is a riot. as long as she doesnt start doing it to walls or anything that is! so...whats the deal on 2 year old molars? anyones kiddos got theirs in yet? i *think* that she might be trying to cut them because she showing some of the same behaviors she did when teething the first time around and it doesnt seem like much fun, she is shoving her hand into her mouth so far sometimes she gags on it, bleh, but i think its cause shes trying to chew on those molars desperately. buffi, your christmas pics sound so cute! i think the toothless phase is adorable, after that i think is when kids really start to look more grown up with those bigger teeth in there. so ya, you have to catch them while you can while they still have that "baby-ish" look. i have no idea what i am going to have anjelica wear for christmas, she has a ton of dressy outfits and my sisters bought her some last year that she was seriously swimming in that still fit her. that girl has an AMAZING wardrobe, way more clothes than mommy could ever dream of! well hope you all are doing well! hope to hear from you later!


Buffi R. - November 1

Hey! A new post! :-) I'll have to admit, I quit checking on this thread about a month ago and just for kicks I decided to check again today. I don't think Maddie is cutting her 2nd year molars yet, but I might not know either. She didn't really have much trouble with the 1st ones. My biggest news is that I finally got a job! As you might remember, I've been unemployed since February and taking cla__ses for a nursing degree in case I couldn't find work in my old field again (Human Resources). Well, I'm back in HR again. I had to drop out of my cla__ses which was bittersweet because of all the work I put into them, but it's nice to have a real income again. The kids are back in their old daycare center, the nicer (more expensive) one they were in before and they're loving it. They have more kids to play with their own age and learn more than they did at the other place. Maddie is really developing a temper. The upcoming 2's are changing her in ways I'm hoping will be gone by the time she's 3! Holy c___p, the screaming fits!! Other than that, she's still a cutie. Well, I better go. She's having one of those fits right now because I'm on the computer and not paying attention to her, oh my... :-)



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