White Or Whole Wheat Bread

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jenna32 - December 22

what kind of bread do you give your toddler? i've been buying my 1 year old whole wheat bread but i'm not really sure now. Should i buy her white because it is probably more fattening for you?? Also does anybody give their l.o's soy milk instead of cows,such as so good? i want to do both (cuz personally i like so good better,especially vanilla flavoured! ) but i'm not sure if so good is just for low fat diets or not.


Bryandi - December 22

jenna, I think it is all according to your own preference. I have a 3 1/2 year old, a 22 mth old, and now a 12 day old baby. My three year old & 22 mth old eat what we eat which is whole wheat/whole grain breads, whole wheat pastas, and low sugar everything else. We do regular milk, mostly because that is what my husband likes, and I don't like milk so I don't have a preference. You might want to ask a pediatrician about giving soy to your 1 year old. They are supposed to have whole milk until 2 years. Maybe there is an equivalent to whole milk produced as soy milk? Just keep in mind once your child enters school she will be introduced to white breads and regular milk and may decide she likes it better, and you might have to adjust at that time. We are hoping our children will like the healthier options better since that is what they are growing up with, but know that they might change their mind after going to school, & friends houses, etc. I hope I have helped!


Malica - December 23

Looks like the So Good soy beverages has at most only half of the fat of whole milk, making them inappropriate for toddlers. I think most soy beverages are the same, so talk to your doctor if this is something that's important to you. As for white and brown bread, there is actually not that much difference between the two. (Flip over a loaf of brown and a loaf of white next time you're at the grocery store to see the nutritional content). White bread is not significantly more or less fattening. So just go with your toddler's preference.


Cathy2 - January 15

If I were you I would definately stick to "whole grain" breads like flaxseed, sunflower seed etc. It 's not just that the nutritional content is better, but they also have a very different texture and taste that they may not like later on if the had the opportunity to eat white bread when they're young.


newbaby2009 - January 15

My daughter likes both. I let her eat what she likes. If she doesnt like something, i keep offering it but dont force it on her.



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