Why Does He Keep Waking Up

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eclectic66 - April 1

Hi ladies. For some reason the past couple of weeks my great sleeping 19 month old has stopped sleeping through the night! We put him to bed around 8 pm (and he lets us know he is ready for bed by telling us "Night night") so we know he's ready. He usually falls right asleep and will stay asleep until 12:30 am and then....BOOM. He sits up in the crib and will literally sit there for up to 3-4 hrs!!!!! He won't go back to sleep until around 3:30 or 4:30 am and then he wakes up for the day around 9am. Sometimes he will fuss and sometimes he won't during this awake time. Several times my MIL and my dh have taken him out of the crib and put him in the bed so he will go back to sleep, but I have not done that because I have such a fear of that becoming a habit. Anyway, does anyone know if this is a phase that usually happens with this age group? 19-20 months? I don't think its teething because he doesn't ever act like he's teething during the day. I am at a loss as to why this is happening?? HELP??? Oh ya...I have also tried cutting his daytime nap down to 2 hrs just to see if that would help and it doesn't. He still wakes up on the mark at 12:30 am!!


MNMOM - April 1

Electric-wish I could help you, my son is 21 months old and is also waking up several times at night, thankfully he doesnt stay awake for hours like yours does, but it is still frustrating. We ususally go in and cover him up and pat him on the back and try to get him to lay back down. We avoid picking him up or taking him out of the crib. Sometimes we have to sit in the rocking chair for 5-10 minutes in his room and then he knows we are there and will drift back off to sleep. I don't know if this is a phase with this age or what but it sure is maddening!


clindholm - April 1

Wow, my 2 yo dd has been the same way. First I thought it was the time change, then getting sick. Now I have no clue. My lo is in a big-girl bed so she just runs out screaming.


MNMOM - April 1

clindholm- this is exactly my fear and why we havn't moved him to the toddler bed yet! :) BUT I am expecting in October so eventually we will have to move him and will have the same problem - UGH!


Wellis10 - April 20

Yeah, my son did this too. He still does sometimes. He did the 2-3 hor wake up in the middle of the night. I did what MNMOM did. I just rocked him at first and that would put him back to sleep, but he would wake again. So I started to not pick him up. I would wrap my arms around him when he stood up in his crib and tell him everything is ok, to lay down and I would cover him up. He didn't want to at first but when he learned that I was not picking him up and it was still night night time he would lay back down and I would cover him up. He would get frustrated in the middle of the night, b/c he couldn't cover himself up, and he was cold.



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