11 Weeks And Already Pains Everywhere Anyone Else

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Brooke - April 26

I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins and have constant back and hip pain. Why is this happening already? Also, I had an ultra sound and one baby is smaller than the other. Is this normal?


Reegsmommy - April 26

Hi Brooke. Thank Goodness! I am having terrible pains as well. Mostly stomach cramps but they radiate into my lower back and hips as well. I can't tell you how many books I've read already and they all say that this is normal. There is so much going on in there right now that you can't see, but you can sure feel it! Are you showing yet? I am a bit. I am not able to wear my regular jeans anymore. (confortably, anyway) And as for one twin being smaller, yes, this is normal, too. I am just 10 weeks now and go for a 3D ultrasound in about 2.5 weeks. Good luck to you! Erin


JC - May 17

I think some size difference in twins is normal but I read that it could be a problem if they are identical. Has anyone else heard about this?


Bambi - May 18

I found I was pregnant with twins when I was 5 and half weeks. I am now 14 weeks and I have been to the ER 4 times. My doctor saids that the pain is normal but then I also started to bleed. At first they thought I was going to miscarry but I didn't. My pain still comes and goes but there is no more blood, which is good. I still take Tylenol for the minor pain but I pray through the rest of my pain. The lower back pain can be helped with a pregnancy belt. Also, relax as much as possible. My doctor tells me that when your body feels tired, lay down. Don't try to keep going. I know that is easier said then done, but it works.


Kiki-Bee - June 3

Hi! I've been having a lot of pain as well. Mostly in my ribs. It feels like someone is trying to break my ribs apart. I am 10 weeks. The doctor has mentioned the possibility of me having twins because of my weight gain and my uterus is bigger than it should be. Being poor in my state though, you're only allowed one ultra sound at 20 weeks so I won't know anything until then. I also have already felt movements. Just like I felt with my first child. Has anyone else felt this? Thanks! Good luck!


Stacy - June 5

Ok.. I know most of you are a lil beyond the 12 week point now.. but when i was around 12 weeks with my twins i had what was called Round Ligament pains.. They are VERY Normal and they Are Very painful.. you can literally feel the Ligaments Tearing.. * THATS what they do.. LOL!.. Now.. as for size difference.. yes its normal also.. the doctors should monitor you Very closely Especially if they are Sharing ONE Placenta.. One baby Can Starve the other this is called TTTS .. Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.. Its where one baby takes TOOOO much of the Nutrients, and the other starves, and the one that gets too much, can literally go into heart failure.. As for the lower back pain.. BE Prepared.. you have the ENTIRE Pregnancy to go .. YES support belts do help, and What also helps is when Your significant other, HOLDS your belly up, and takes the pressure off of your back.. perhaps Adjust your pillows on your bed, to make a hole .. to allow the belly to Lay through.. and the rest of your body sleeping on pillows.. * I bought a huge pet pillow to Help me ;) IT worked WONDERS.. I Also got SOOOO Large, my husband had to Help me TURN Over in the bed.. AS embara__sing as this is.. IT Was SOO Heavy i couldnt do it without HANDS on Support.. I Carried my twins 36 Weeks and 5 days and gave birth * Cesarian Section .. to a 5 lb 11 oz boy, and a 5 lb 13 oz boy Both were 19 inches long* Fraternal boys, each had their own placenta and each had their own sac.. JUST Dont Give up, Stay up on your feet just walking in circles at least 30 mins at a time.. rest an hour and do it again.. * ** Allowing time to use the bathroom and etc.. ;) Eat Properly, * remember you are feeding 3 not.. 2 lol ;) and ENJOY those movements .. its PRICELESS.... For the MAIN Part.. RELAX.. take a warm * NOT Hot bath.. And Light a candle stay in there til the water gets Chillly, and relax.. ENJOY your pregnancy its A Very Priceless thing! Good Luck and God Bless you all ;) Stacy * Mommy to Braden and Brice, 5 weeks With # 3 (? Maybe more?)


jesse - June 9

I just had a beautiful boy in oct. It was a very easy pregnancy. As of June I am 7 weeks pregnant with twins. omg. I never felt so c___ppy in my life. I feel like a ninety yr/old woman. My back hurts, my ligaments hurt, I have sharp pain everywhere, and I can never get enough rest. I have been so nauseated I can't get anything done. It was never like this with my single. This is just the beginning of it all.


To Jesse - June 9

Good luck and Congrats hun!!! a new baby is always a blessing no matter the number that are going to come out at the end..



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