11weeks Pregnant With Twins And Nervous

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christina - May 1

hi. im 11weeks pregnant with twins and i have a daughter who will be three in july and a daughter who just turned one. my dr said not to worry, i had an u/s and will every appointment, but im nervous about losing one or delivering too early. any advice. thank you!


Ca__sie - May 1

Why are you nervous about delivering too early? Is it because you are home with two young children that need a lot of attention and you feel you won't be able to rest enough? I'm no expert, but hopefully you're doctor would put you on bed rest if he thought you needed rest. Is your mom or a sister around to help out at all?


christina - May 2

my mom pa__sed away in dec of 2004 from cancer and my sister has two kids and ready to deliver her third in a few months. yes i am nervous to deliver early and maybe lose one. ive been having alot of bad luck lately and im just nervous. im hoping this is the start of good things for me! my dr said he would put me on bed rest if needed and one of my sister in laws said shed help. i was just wondering if its common to feel alittle nervous? im nervous also that if they have trouble breathing they are going to have to go to a bigger hospital and im afraid that im not going to be released to go with them. i heard if you b___stfeed, which i was going to try this time anyways, that they cannot refuse me to go with them.


Ca__sie - May 2

Christina, I think all moms-to-be are nervous some of the time. In your case, with your recent troubles, I think it'd be normal to be even more nervous. Either way, worrying won't help. I don't know what you think about God, but He is taking care of everything. You just do everything you're supposed to with vitamins and rest... and the rest is out of your hands. My mom had a three year old when she was pregnant with me and my twin brother... and all went well. In fact, we were both pretty big babies for being twins.


christina - May 2

ca__sie thank you. i do believe god is doing what he believes is best. i feel better knowing that you and your twin brother was fine.


Angela - May 2

Hi, I just had twins 4 months ago and I understand your worry. With twins the Dr.'s like to get you all freaked out so you will take it easy. I think I was a ball of nerves through out my whole pregnancy. Twins DO come early so just be prepared. Mine came at 35 weeks, and were perfectly healthy. They spent a week in the NICU. I would try to deliver at a hospital in your area that has as least a level II NICU. Also, no matter what make SURE you go on bed rest by 30 weeks so that you can keep those babies in there as long as possible. I would love to help if you have any other questions. I know how nerve wracking it can be. Take Care!


christina - May 3

angela. thank you for the information. when i go to my next dr appointment im going to discuss with him about the hospital options and see what is a possibilty to happen.


Erin - May 4

Hello Christina. I feel your pain, hun. I am 11 weeks with twins and I am in Canada. Here, we only go for one u/s with a singleton pregnancy, at 20 weeks. I'm not too sure about a twin pregnancy and it's driving me nuts! I'm so nervous to know if there are still two in there! We heard a heartbeat today, though. But I won't expect an u/s until 17 weeks or so.. i have a long wait. Hang in there, and use your "worrying" time taking care of you other kids. They need you. (I know, I have a three year old daughter as well!!!) Take care and good luck! Erin


christina - May 4

Erin. I go for a check up in three weeks and they will be doing an u/s and i cant wait to see them too. I guess they are going to give me an u/s every appointment. I dont know what id do if i could only get one! I hope everything goes good for you. Thanks!


Christina - May 6

Hello! I'm so jelous of you guys. Do you pay for your ultrasounds? We don't have to. But I really need to see my babies! It's hard to plan things, you know? I have run across many good deals on double strollers, but don't want to take the plunge until I get that little bit of rea__surance. My dr. said that if one was to "disappear" it would have already happened or I would have known. She said that with the babies size right now, if one was to go, I would notice the loss of fluid or blood that surrounded it. I know it's probably nothing to worry about, but I can't help it. I just want two healthy babies when this is all over. My due date is Nov26, but the doc wants to shoot for Nov 1. (Then I get to deliver in the 5 star hospital..) Good luck, and keep me posted. If you like, you can e-mail me. We can be e-mail buds! [email protected]ca See you! Erin


JC - May 6

Christina -- I am pregnant with twins and due the same day you are! I am nervous too. I just saw them on ultra sound. One is a bit bigger -- not sure what that means, yet. I will see a specialist here and can ask then.


christina - May 7

christina. I was afraid of the same thing that one would disappear or something and my doctor said it also would have happened already and if something did happen that I would lose blood. I am due Nov 23 but my doctor is also shooting for around the first. But my hospital is smaller so I may have too go somewhere else...I dont have to pay for my ultrasounds I go in two weeks and will feel more confident about things once I know its ok. I know someone who had twins and she delivered at thirty weeks bc her uteris couldnt get any bigger. so that will be a question ill remember to ask.


M - May 8

Hi ladies! At week 5 weeks my HCG levels were extremely high. At 6 I was having some sharp pains. My OB said there's nothing to worry about and brought me in to do a vag ultrasound. There were 2 sacs. We both took a deep breath. I'm nervous. Not about having twins. Just about making sure I carry both and do alright. Any advice? I go back on 5/10 to see "the baby/s" again. I'm dying to know ... if I am having twins and how they are doing? I will keep you posted.


Erin - May 9

Christina - How are you? Are things going better for you? I am still stuck in "no u/s" land. I went to the gyno on Tuesday and he said that we will wait for another 4 weeks to even book an u/s. "That way the babies will be bigger and we will be able to see more." I want to see them now!!! But, we did hear a heartbeat! (Apparently, this early, they only listen for one.) Didn't help to put my mind at ease. Erin


christina - May 11

Erin. Im doing alittle better. I go to the docotr on the 25th and I'll be getting an u/s then. I was going to buy one of those fetal heartbeat things, but the office said they wont use them with twins bc they could accidently get the same baby twice. Thats why I get all the u/s. If I couldnt I'd go nuts !!! hope everything is going good


To M - May 11

Hello! Just curious as to how your u/s went. Was there two babies? Erin


madge - May 11

this is for erin. i live in canada and i am 19 weeks pregnant with twins. i have had 4 ultrasounds already. one at 5 weeks when i was having pain from ovarian cysts. at that point the could see two sacs but couldn't tell for sure if it was twins so my doctor sent me again a week later to confirm. i also had an ultrasound at 13 weeks to go along with my triple screen test and then again at 18 weeks. i think that if u are feeling anxious u should insist that your doctor send you for an ultrasound asap. i have another one scheduled for 23 weeks. my OBGYN told me that i would have to have ultrasounds more frequently with twins so i am very surprised that you have to wait until 20 weeks.



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