13 Wks Pregnant With Twins Showing

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Kap - April 25

I am presently 13 weeks pregnant with twins. This is my first pregnancy. I'm not really showing at all. In the evenings I look more pregnant probably becasue I'm bloated but in the morning my tummy is pretty much flat (when I suck it in)! I guess everyone is different and will show at different times but should I be worried that I'm not showing yet being pregnant with twins??? Thanks!!


Reegsmommy - April 25

I don't think you should be worried. You should be greatful! I too am pregnant with twins. I'm at the beginning of my 10th week. Just this weekend, I ballooned! I was wearing my jeans on Thursday and am in maternity pants today. (This is my second pregnancy) If you are concerened you can always talk to your doctor, but I would just wait it out. This is the hardest part of pregnancy. You know they are in there but you can't see them or feel them! . But, I'm sure in about 3 months you'll be wishing you weren't showing!!! Good luck and have fun! Reegsmommy


jb - April 25

I am 13 weeks pregnant with my second pregnancy but 1st pregnancy with twins. I have been showing since about 11 1/2 weeks. I wouldn't worry about not showing yet. If you go on pregnancy galleries you will see the difference between people when they show and when they don't. Good Luck and congratulations?


Stephanie - April 25

Just a quick question for you twin mom's to be. Which side of the family, if any, did twins run on between your side and your partners side? My hubby says that since his mom's dad was a twin, there is a possiblity of him getting me pregnant with twins. It is kind of an arguement between the two of us because I thought you could only have twins if it ran on the mother side.....Very confusing.


jena - April 25

i'm pregnant with twins and they run on my mom's side of the family...


LadyRamos - April 28

For Stephanie, if you have having identical twins then it may be his fault. But it's usually the woman's doing if they are fraternal...since we are the ones responsible for releasing two eggs.


Ca__sie - May 1

Fraternal twins run on the mother's side. The dad doesn't have anything to do with it... though he may like to think so. :-) Identical twins just "happen". No one knows why the egg splits.


JnJsMommy - May 2

I am also 13 weeks pregnant with twins and I am the same way my stomach is huge by later in the day but in the morning its pretty flat you cant really tell I am pregnant. This will be my 3rd pregnancy. I just had a level 2 ultrasound today because they thought I was further along and they are doing GREAT!! we even found out one is a girl.


Angela - May 3

I am 9wks4d with twins and I am already wearing maternity pants, shirts and overalls...yoga pants are my bestfriend! they are so comfy...any kind of comfy pant is my best friend! I had my second U/S this morning and they found one sac with 2 babies in it...thats identical right?


Bobby-jo - May 11

It's not uncommon for women to show later with the first pregnancy especially if you had morning sickness and lost some weight. Your abdominal muscles are still tight as thy've never been stretched before. I bet you'll be showing very soon.


sl - May 13

I am 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant w/twins and I am not showing either. I too am worried. Is it normal?? I am a relatively slim person weighing 125 and am 5'5 and exercised a lot b4 getting pregnant.


Karen - May 16

I am also pregnant with twins and I am really showing. This is also my first pregnancy. I am a very pet_te girl so my doctor told me that is why I was showing right away (this is before we knew about the twins). Be thankful, I have already had to buy maternity clothes....but all in all I am very happy!


Bambi - May 18

I am currently 14 weeks and I am already showing as well. I started showing when I was 10 weeks. I started shopping for maternity to clothes a month ago. There is nothing to be scared of. My doctor saids that everything is alright. So, I stopped worrying about my belly. As long as you and your babies are okay you should not worry about it either.


K'shon - June 16

I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins and i am huge is that correct for my weeks pregnant


parsonss22 - June 23

I am 10 weeks preg with twins, and my pants are loose everywhere but the waist. I am definately starting to pooch


jla75 - July 17

how soon did you know you were having twins? How soon can it be detected?


Spence - July 23

I really popped in my 10th week. I have going on Mon to have an ultrasound..told by the midwife that there may be twins...hope everything is okay because I have a big tummy!



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