14 Weeks And Already Sooo Uncomfortable

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Kathy S - October 14

I am 14 weeks with twins, this would be my 6th pregancy. I am 37 and in reasonably good health. I am overweight, but had just lost 65 lbs just this year. My thing is, this is my first twin pg and I have had a lot of discomfort...I assume alot of it is from my uterus growing so quickly? I can't walk more than 2 city blocks without feeling alot of cervical aching and uterine pulling. I am sooo tired all the time it seems. I haven't been able to pick up my 2 year old for a couple of months now. :( I am basically only 4 months along and feel as icky as I did when I was 7-8 months with my last singleton baby. I am getting depressed that this whole discomfort issue is only going to get worse and I dread if I ever end up having to do bedrest. But, man! it seems I can't sit, stand, or do anything for any amount of time and I am only half way there!?!? Am I alone in feeling like this already? I've never even known anyone who has had twins and this is just not normal feeling aches and pains compared to my previous pgs, but I knew that it would not be. But should it be this uncomfortable? I wake ever 2 hours or so at night to roll over cause my legs ache already...I didn't feel this bad so early ever! I am still in shock and a bit depressed by this whole "two babies" development...I am looking to know if how I am feeling physically is somewhat normal? Or do I need to relate more to my ob cause maybe there is something wrong with me? I don't know...I am rather large so far, and I have been feeling them jumping around in there for about 2 weeks now. Not just flutters, I have been feeling those for almost a month now, but actual shifting and kicking around. I must say it is the oddest feeling when two get going in the middle of a rest for me...this will be not so cute when they are bigger and stronger! LOL Well, any shared experiences to ease my mind or jumpstart me to my ob for checking up....all is welcome. Thanks for the help! :-)


cb - October 14

Hi Kathy S, congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I am now 17 weeks and 1 day pregnant with identical twins, and I know exactly how you feel!!! My doctor told me that it is all very normal, as this is a stage where they are growing so much, but not just one two!!! One of my babies head is right down, so I get a lot of pressure from that one!!! I find now it is getting a little more comfy, but probably because I am getting so use to it now!!! I am also very tired all of the time! Trying to rest as much as I can, this is my second pregnancy, I have a two year old son!! Wow, so this will be number 7 & 8 for you!!! You are going to be one busy lady! I wish you the best of luck!!! I have another post 'identical twins (share a placenta)' there are a couple of ladies on there who help me out heaps with what to expect!! If you want to have a read!!!! Take care!!!


BECKY - October 19

HI well I am 20 weeks with twins and I too get really depressed over the strange aches and pains I get alot of cramping and than the hip pain at night it something else for me and than I get scared that something is wrong? but last night I went to the doctor and No contractions and the babies look great but I still have the cramping.


Jennifer - October 20

Hi - I'm feeling very similar to the way you described. In fact, it was my 14th week that was extremely uncomfortable. I too was worried about all the aches and pains I was feeling. This is my first pregnancy and so i really have no idea what is normal and what is not. But just as i was starting to fear having to feel this uncomfortable for another few months, I started to feel better. The last week has been full of ups and downs - some days I have pains, some nights I have cramps, but some days I don't suffer at all. So I've adopted the att_tude that there are just going to be good and bad days. Anytime I have a bad one, I a__sume the next will be filled with relief. This has done a lot to help my att_tude. Good luck to all!


Zabina - October 29

OMG>>. wow.. i thought i was having those feelings alone.. im 22..(23 next week) this is my first pregnancy and well twins run in my family and my boyfriends.. so we were destined to have twins.. ive been feeling my kiddies movin from 2months of my pregnancy.. im now 4months.. and i still get nauseous sometimes.. im always tired.. always need to sit down if i walk too much.. ( and im talkin about jus walkin like 2 blocks).. its like i cant do anything.. and bedtime.. i get trouble to sleep.. i have to shift and turn for about an hour until i find the right spot.. they are totally taking over already.. im 16weeks now.. and im huge..i swear!! i jus came out from the OB two days ago.. and its like when i exited from her office.. they grew again.. this grew last night and they grew during today.. because im jus getting bigger and bigger.. and my mid section feels weird.. uncomfortable and they are so heavy already.. wow.. twins are really something huh..



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