18 Yrs Old And Twins Coming

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redeem - November 6

This girl I know is 18 years old and she's having twin babies without the father. She also smokes. I was wondering what the risks are for a girl of her age to have multiples on top of the tabacco adiction? Even though I'm not the father, I care for her dearly. Is there anything I can do to help her?


levi - November 12

The babies could be born premature, or she could possible miscarry them or they could be still born. They may even be born mentually or physically handicap.


amy - November 12

she must quit smoking- it is dangerous enough while carrying one baby, with twins she must quit. and being 18 she should be sure to eat healthier than most people that age... the babies need good nutrition to grow properly. and since she is still growing the babies will take what they need from her body, leaving her with future bone problems and many other problems.


Gemma - November 18

Yes you can help her by showing her this page. Smoking in pregnancy is disgusting as the babies recieve all 3000 plus chemicals. If she doesn't want to stop smoking she doesn't deserve to have a child especially not 2. How can anyone want to poison their babies?


jess - November 18

nobody wants to poison their babies-smoking is a horrible addiction-most doctors tell you not to quit during pregnancy because the stress is worse than the smoking-but with the twins i would worry about low birth weight


Leslie - December 31

I believe that you should help her through this and be like the father. She is probally just smoking cause she scared or nervouse.. And i bet if you will help her through this rough time then she will feel better.... -Leslie


Jen - January 1

I am a twin and my mother smoked with me when she was pregnant and my sister and I came out perfectally fine. At the age of 18 having twins is going to be hard but quitting cold turkey can effect the babies as well as smoking while pregnant. The best bet is to slow down on the cigarettes. I know many people that have smoke during pregnancy as well as those who where pregnant with twins, and yes premature is a serious subject but its also a subject if the mother isnt smoking. My best bet is to cut back before cutting cold turkey.


Tiffany - March 7

I am pregnant too! about 15 weeks and i smoke too and it's extremely hard to quit try to get everyone around her not to smoke. I know you want her to quit but she also has to want to do it for herself as well as the children.For her having twins with no help from the father is very stressing and he may need that nicotine more then you think. Just try to help her cut down if she smokes 1/2 a pk. per day then the next day try 9 give it a week then try 8 and so on. I wish her the best of luck and i hope this will help you help her.



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