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Evelyn - October 21

I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins and still barely feel the babies move. Even when I have sonograms I really don't see them move much. I'm a little person too, 5 ft tall and currently only 106 pounds. I thought for sure I'd be feeling them more by now, anyone else not feeling their babies much? Also just out of curiosity has anyone used one of the baby heart monitors so you can hear your babies heartbeat? I got one at wal-mart, and could hear one of the babies heartbeats very clearly, and it was even slower then mine. I asked the Dr. about it and she just said don't use those things, there not accurate. Anyone else have any experience with those baby heart monitors? I'd appreciate any replies, thank you!


Kathy S - October 21

If the doctors u/s are getting good heartbeats and is not worried about lack of movements yet...at this point I would not worry too much. Some babies are just not super active..and they may make up for their lack of activity later on :-) I also agree that home monitors may not be accurate...I have not used them myself but I have heard some not so good reviews about a lot of the cheaper models available. The important thing is that they are regularly moving...not neccessarily how strongly the movements are. And as I stated, the movements will get stronger as the months go along. "God bless you and those you love."


Evelyn - October 24

Thank you so much for your advice and info. I have a 3D sono coming up on Thursday and I'm just waiting for that to be rea__sured that everything is fine. It's very nerve racking being pregnant with twins, especially for a first time mother! I'll probably post how everything went on Friday. Any other posts are very welcome!


Carly - October 24

I'm 25 weeks with twins who are very active and have never even been able to hear their hearbeats with one of those monitors! I wouldn't worry about that at all. I barely felt them until about 2 weeks ago, and now...well they don't seem to stop. I think they've coordinated their sleeping to where one is awake an kicking at all times :-)


Evelyn - October 24

I hope I'm like you Carly, I barely feel them now, but hopefully in a couple of weeks they will either be more active or stronger, cause that was the one thing I was looking foward to more then anything about being pregnant....feeling them move!


carly - October 24

I sure love it. I'll randomly start to giggle at work when they get going, I get some looks from the co-workers. I was hooked up to a contraction machine recently and they were going so strong I couldn't stop laughing, it ruined all the readings :-) I'm sure yours will be just as strong and entertaining! Once they're bigger, you'll feel them more because they won't have as much room to hide.


Evelyn - October 24

I have another question, when do you start buying baby stuff? I've been so scared to because I'm so nervous about something going wrong. I worry a lot about the incompetent cervix type thing and I just feel like I should wait till a "safe point" to start shopping...but I don't know where that point is, lol. I know one's a girl, I don't know what the other one is yet, but hope to find out this Thursday on the 3D sono. What are yours?


carly - October 25

I've got two boys coming! For me, everyone thought I was crazy because I didn't go out shopping right away but I felt the same way. For some reason, I wasn't ready. They say that for the most part, after 24 weeks your baby can survive. Some have made it even earlier. I started buying stuff a little at a time. Eventually, you just have to have faith that they will be ok and just enjoy being pregnant. Not that throwing away your worries is easy, but just try to let things progress naturally and not let yourself get stressed out. That's my goal right now, to just relax. I'm like you, worried about carrying to term!


Evelyn - October 25

LOL, people felt the same way about me too! They kept telling me to go register, I haven't yet though I am waiting for my sono on Thursday to hopefully find out what the other baby is. I thought I'd feel comfortable around week 26 to start shopping, I just don't want to wait too late either. When do you plan on having a baby shower? That's another problem I'm having, I don't want it too soon, but at the same time can't wait too long because who knows when these babies will come! I definately do enjoy being pregant...I've been showing it through maternity clothes, instead of baby clothes, lol. But the honest truth is...I really can't wait to start shopping for my babies! I'm just so scared to. Maybe somewhere between week 24 and week 26 I'll start. I'll be 22 weeks this weekend, so it's really not that far away. Plus this sono on Thrusday should really tell me alot about how my babies are doing because it's a level II sonogram. My husband and I both wanted a boy so bad, but I think I'm having two girls! I'll definately let you know what happens Thursday!


Erin - October 25

I am blessed w/ fraternal b/g twins. I am due Valentine's Day 06'. This is our second and likely final :-) pregnancy as we already have a 16 mos. old girl. I really only just started noticing alot of movement within the last 2 weeks following my first sono which was when we found out we were even having twins!! Don't worry about the lack of movement b/c just wait, they will surely make up for it once they start going. As long as there is no cause for concern, don't worry yourself too much. I agree w/ the consensus re: the home monitor. They are not accurate and may likely make you stress more particularly if this is your first pregnancy. As for the shopping thing, w/ my first child we started registering at about 20 weeks or so and started making big purchases at about 28 weeks since we wanted to see what we likely had coming from the shower. Since we need to be as prepared as possible this time, we will probably start registering soon since there is the possibility of not going full term but we are gonna have a shower so I don't wanna be too hasty. We have a wonderful support system in fam and friends so whatever we don't get in time, they will surely take care of but enjoy it, shopping is really fun!!


Evelyn - October 25

Hi Erin, thanks for responding! You are definately blessed to be having a boy and a girl, but at least I do feel blessed just being pregnant (I had to go through IVF for infertility). I will probably start to register this weekend. Definately excited to start shopping! Is week 26 too late you think? What week do ya'll think is good for a baby shower?


Erin - October 25

Hi Evelyn, thanks. So are you having twins? I would say if you are not having twins, week 26 is not too late. The only reason I am starting sooner this time is b/c of the possibility of going early. I am not a large woman and already feel like I am in my 9 mos....argh! I will feel lucky just to make it to the end of the year much less February. But don't be so particular about a timeline. If you feel like shopping now, do it! This should be your time to experience the way you want so if you have the urge to shop, start picking things up however, I would suggest not going all out particularly if you are expecting a shower. As for the timeline on that, I think the standard is like a mos. or two prior to your due date. This time ours will be a challenge cause we have to factor in the holiday which already has people stretched so doing it btwn. now and the end of the year is out but I fear if we wait till the first of the year, the twins may already be here :-) which means a postpartum shower. But whatever, it will work out the way it is meant...


Erin - October 25

Sorry Evelyn. I neglected to read your previous posts regarding the fact that you are indeed having twins...wonderful! Plz refer to my previous post.


Evelyn - October 25

I having the same problem I am due March 4th, however I'm expecting to have these babies in January sometime. I hope to go longer, but I've just had that feeling all along, that Januaury will be the time. I'm trying to figure out when to do the baby shower cause Christmas is really in the way, so I don't know to do it a couple of weeks before Christmas (that seems too soon) or a couple of weeks after Christmas (which seems too late)! So I feel really stuck on where to have it! I guess I'll have to try and figure it out as it gets closer I suppose, but everybody is waiting on me to tell them when so they can start shopping and make plans for it, and i just don't know when to tell them. What do you think, sooner or later?


Erin - October 25

If you have that strong a feeling regarding when you will go, perhaps doing it sooner than later might be best. Based on what you wrote, I gather you are planning your shower yourself. True? However, it sounds like you are in pretty close contact w/ those who will likely be attending. If so, why not pose the question as to whether your attendees have a preference and do they care either way and don't be afraid to mention why you are considering before X-mas as opposed to after. I would say if December is the only option, do it as early as possible like the weekend following Thx-giving so you are not too imposing. If my two friends who have designated themselves to throw it, decide to do so in December, that is the weekend we are going with. Even more reason why it is good to register now so even if you do decide to do in December, you give folks the option of making their purchases early instead of later when $$$ may start getting tight b/c of holiday shopping. I am starting to register now b/c I recall w/ our first, some friends and family jsut felt like they wanted to do something so we actually started receiving gifts in advance of the shower. Another good point too, don't wait to include your registries w/ shower invitations. Email folks and just let them know as an fyi, you are registered at the following. I know I gave you a lot but hope it helps. Don't stress, just make a decision and go w/ it. I have already set the expectation w/ fam and friends that I will likely go early so everything will really be planned around that. I am sure your friends and fam will be equally as understanding about the risks and why it is best to do it sooner than later. If anyone has any financial hardships, just be understanding if they may not be able to get you anything until after the first of the year. Either way, I pray that you are showered w/ everything you could ever need to welcome your bundles. Good Luck w/ the planning...


Evelyn - October 26

Actually I'm not planning the shower myself, my two friends are, but under my circ_mstance, they had no idea as to when to do it. Believe it or not my sister and law and two friends that are most interrested in my baby shower, don't really care when I have it, they are just wanting to know when is best for me. Ya, as soon as I register I will definately let people know. I plan on registering this weekend after I (hopefulyy) find out for sure what the second baby is tomorrow. Thank you for all your useful information I really appreciate it, and wish the best for you as well!


Erin - October 26

Be sure to post when you find out the s_x. I actually need to confirm the same myself. While one is deffie a boy, the doc is 90% sure the other is a girl but I would like to have a follow-up sono just to be sure. But so far I have registered stuff that is both male and female and if the s_x changes, I can always remove and replace those girl items.



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