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Erin - October 26

Be sure to post when you find out the s_x. I actually need to confirm the same myself. While one is deffie a boy, the doc is 90% sure the other is a girl but I would like to have a follow-up sono just to be sure. But so far I have registered stuff that is both male and female and if the s_x changes, I can always remove and replace those girl items.


Evelyn - October 28

Well both are definately girls! My poor husband and I really wanted at least one boy as we're not going to have anymore kids after this, but I'm sure we'll love our two little girls just the same. Sono went well, everything for the most part, looked ok, we'll see as time progresses!


carly - October 30

I'm having my shower November 12th. My due date is Feb 13 technically so that puts me middle to end of January to have my boys. I figured I couldn't wait until after Christmas in case they are early but I didn't want to do it to close to the holidays either. Hopefully everyone will understand why so early :-) Plus, I want to have most everything ready by Christmas in case I'm on bedrest the last few weeks. Hard to shop in bed :-)


Carly - October 30

Congrats on your girls!! Are you sure your done after this?


Evelyn - October 30

Pretty sure, my husband only wanted one child, lol, now he didn't have any choice. I had to go through a lot to get pregnant with the infertility treatment and all. I had in-vitro and that cost us about $12000 to do. So I'm sure we're done.


Erin - October 31

Carly, I am now grappling w/ when to have my shower. My friends are thinking of doing it beginning of December so as to not be too imposing b/c of the Holiday. But there are really no other options b/c I fear after the first of the year may be too late based on how I feel right now...


Erin - October 31

Carly, btw, you are due the day b4 I am. I am actually due Valentine's Day (2/14). And my bestfriend who is just preggers w/ one is due the day after (2/15). We could not have planned it better and trust me, we didn't. We also shared the pregnancy of our first together but she delivered about 5 mos. prior to me. It was great b/c I think we all know how lonely pregnancy can be at times. I have 3 other friends who are pregnant in various stages this time around too. I am really curious to see that if I do in fact make it full term, if they will come on their due date. My daughter was actually born on her due date exactly so we shall see...


Erin - October 31

I am do March 4th and my baby shower is going to be the 1st weekend in December. It is a difficult time because you don't want it too soon or too late. But look at it this way, better sooner then later because what if you're too big and uncomfortable later to do anything. We didn't want to impose on the holiday and also so afraid of me going early and just being too big and uncomfortable later, so we decided earlier was better. I hope this helps you with your decision.


Evelyn - October 31

Sorry, that last post was mine, I meant to type Erin,...then the message, but I just put it under name by mistake, sorry!!!


Erin - November 1

Hey Evelyn, not too worry...I did the same thing when responding to you but caught it b4 clicking submit. Yeah, I think earlier is the way to go as well but we shall see. Ultimately, it depends on how organized my friends will be w/ the planning. No notifications have gone out to attendees so if we are gonna aim for the first of December, they would have to get moving. But today will answer alot. I have an appt. w/ my OB at noon (EST) so I will have a better understanding of my current status and her a__sessment regarding my going early, restrictions, bed rest, weight, etc. I really can't wait. I really just wanna make sure all is well. You know my concerns per previous posts.


Evelyn - November 1

Oh yes, I definately understand! Well good luck with your appt., let us all know how it goes. I can't wait till Friday for mine because I'm just still so worried about not feeling babies move. Friday can't come soon enough!


Erin - November 2

Hey you guys, instead of having to retype, I posted what happened at my appt. yesterday on the I just wanna gripe forum so plz refer to that but all went well. Thanks for the concern and thoughts.



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