24 Weeks With Identical Twin Girls

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Rachel Jones - November 7

Well first off I am so excited that I found this forum! I am 24 weeks with identical twin girls... It has been a crazy pregnancy but Im really looking for some support from other twin moms. I have only one placenta and I am a type one diabetic. My diabetes is a complication in my pregnancy but it is not overtaking my pregnancy. I have worked so hard at eating healthy, resting and making healthy decisons. My last ultrasound showed the babies at a 7 ounce weight differnce. My doctors were not concerned... What they were looking for was signs of TTS but they said everything looked GREAT! Yet, I still wonder about the 7 ounce differnce. It might not seem like alot but for little babies thats a huge diffrence in my eyes... I just wondered if anyone might have some insight or a similar situation. Thanks! - Rachel


sphinx - November 8

Don't worry about the U/S estimates... A week before I gave birth, one baby was estimated at 3#3oz and the other was estimated at 5#10oz... They were both born at 4#4oz... within an ounce of each other. There is a large margin of error in the estimates. I think its pretty common too that one identical twin gets more nourishment than the other when they are sharing everything. The bigger one probably gets the nutrient-rich blood first before it circulates to the other baby. As long as your Dr. says they are both within normal range, then its not a big deal. If it later appears that one twin is hogging everything and the smaller one is not getting enough, then they will want to deliver your twins immediately. You are at 24 weeks and that's great. Most babies born at or after 24 weeks have a great outlook! It's a milestone! Congrats!


Rachel Jones - November 8

Thanks for your response! I really wanted to hear someones side of the story with some baby weight diffrence. Thankfuly that has been the only issue in my pregnancy, thus far. =)



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