2 Heart Beats Via Doppler Could It Be Twins

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gladys - February 19

My husband and i rented a doppler. We heard two heart beats. At first i thought the baby's heart beat was located in the lower right side of my belly but then yesterday we noticed that there was another heartbeat in the mid-bottom of my bell which was almost twice the rate of the other one. We checked my heart beat rate compared to the one on the bottom right and the beats did not match. Could this be a sign of twins, two different heart beats from the bottom of my belly? Or am i hearing something different?


agtemt - February 19

Make sure the slower heart beat isnt yours. Count howmany times it beats in 1 minute. Babies usually run 120 +. Yours would be much slower than that. If you find out its over 120 id say its a possibility and ask your doctor.


MelissaSLP - February 19

I would agree with the previous post. I would count the number of hb at each location. A baby's is usually 120-160. Your's is probably about 1/2 of that. It is possible. Have you had an early u/s yet? If you're hearing hb's then you're probably into your 2nd trimester, right? Talk to your OB, maybe they'll schedule an u/s or take a listen themselves. Let us know!


gladys - February 19

Thanks ladies. We'll check the hb tonight. I'm actually hit my second trimester today. I haven't had a u/s yet but will be seeing my dr. It seems that my dr. doesn't want me to get a u/s yet, not until March. Do you think that if i request to have it, she'll approve it?


twins4us - February 23

diagnosing twins this way is very tricky as you can get an echo at a different hb rate from all the amniotic fluid, you could be hearing the placenta or umbilical cord or even the arteries that provide blood to the uterus. Unless two dopplers are used at the same time it is unlikely.


onetwothree - February 23

My OB didn't even bother with the doppler. She said it was too difficult to tell what you were listening to.


Corona - February 24

Even now the doppler picks up both twins at the same rate so it just sounds like 1 really strong hear rate. U/s is the best way to tell if there is more than 1.


TripletMom - February 24

The Dr used the doppler on me well after 20 weeks. At that time, he could find each heartbeat based on their position. Before then, we could only tell three distinct heartbeats via U/S doppler. I find it odd that you are in your second trimester and haven't gotten an U/S yet... is that standard practice??? My Dr would usually have a normal pregnancy U/S at 10 weeks - high risk sooner (obviously)



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