2 Sacs One Baby At 7 Week Ultrasound

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Jade - January 19

I just had an ultrasound at 7 weeks exactly. There are 2 sacs but they only saw one baby. I have been sick since 4 weeks . Could there be another baby hiding in the other sac?


angie - July 18

the same thing just happened to me last week i was 6 weeks they found 2 sacs but 1 baby i hvae to go back this thursday for another us ,they said i was proably suppose to have twins but 1 only formed but im not giving up because i heard they can hide or not be found for weeks, so dont give up im not


angie and jade - August 27

Please let me know what happened. I am 5 weeks and two sacs were seen, only one had a yolk sac and the other was very small.


Jolene - August 30

Was one sac smaller than the other or were they the same size? I had something happen very similar. (I am only 6 weeks) but my ultrasound showed 2 sacs, one with a yolk sac the other nothing. I go back on Thursday for another. Please let me know what happens!


Peas_N_Carrots - September 6

I wish someone would ANSWER these after they post. No one seems to follow-up. I have the same thing and go for an U/S tomorrow......


Jolene - September 7

Update...Went back for another ultrasound and only one baby. The other sac did not form. Good luck!


EBC - September 26

Jolene, How is the one baby doing? I am 6wks with two sacs and only one yolk showing at a 5.5 wk u/s. THe other sac is large and abnormal.,


Jennifer - September 28

I went in at 5 weeks and they saw two sacs and two yok sacs and no fetal poles. One sac was smaller than the other, and my doctor was not hopeful that the smaller one would develop. he told me to focus on hoping for one viable pregnancy. I went back for another u/s three weeks later. It was SO HARD to wait, but I didn't want to go back in and get inconclusive information, so we waited until 8 weeks, which is when most doctors recommend having your first u/s, so that we would know for sure what was going on when we left that appointment. We saw two babies, each about the same size, with the same strong heart rate. I'm thirteen weeks tomorrow and things are still going well! Good luck to you all.


Peas_N_Carrots - October 2

When I returned, there was only one sac and it was determined that what they thought was another sac was a "subchorial bleed". Baby is healthy and I am 12 weeks now. Hope this helped!


kmays - October 5

The same thing happened to me. I'm just about 8 weeks pregnant and my ultrasound today showed two sacs but one was larger than the other. We did see a heartbeat in the larger sac but nothing in the smaller sac. It's so strange because with my first pregnancy the same thing happened and only had one healthy boy, the other baby again didn't form. I guess i'm just not supposed to carry twins... I just wonder why this keeps happening. I wish you all the best of luck :)



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