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Ceno - June 26

I consider it a blessing to be pregnant with one child, so i consider it even more of a blessing when a female is carrying more than one. Well after the initial happiness and surprise of finding out, did you get overwhelmed with shock...not about financial status, but rather about the emotional drama that may occur? And if so, how do you deal with a multiple birth? I know there's plenty of love to go around, but how do you give sufficient love to each child, meaning make time for each one???


emz_88 - July 11

I am 18 years old and found out 5 weeks ago that i am pregnant, i spoke to my boyfriend about it and we decided to keep the baby even though it was unplaned. I then split up with my partner a week later as he felt he was not ready for the responsability of becoming a father and he no longer wants anything to do with the baby and told me to have an abortion. I spoke to the doctor regarding this, and last week i went for a termination, as they gave me a internal ultrasound to check how far on i was they broke the news that i was 11 weeks pregnant with triplets. As i had found this out i felt i could not go ahead with the termanation as i felt if i done it then i would never forgive myself. The hospital gave me four options to keep all 3 babies, to terminate 1(The single baby), to terminate 2 (The set of twins) or terminate all 3. so i have sat and had a big long think about life and what to do now. I informed my ex of the situation and my decision to keep all 3 babies but his att_tude was the same as it was when we split up. I have decided to have my 3 babies, and bring them up as best as i can, as my ex wants nothing to do with them my parents are going to help me as much as possible. I just hope i can be a good mother to my children. As i have never seen him since he walked out 5 weeks ago, and i know he wont support me. But i know in my heart that i have plenty of love to go around all three of my babies, and with my familys support, i will do my best to spend time with my children individualy. All i want to do is be the best mum possible. Emma


Becks1 - July 25

Hi, Emma! Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. You definitely made the right decision and I'm convinced that God will bless you tremendously for it. You are strong enough to do this (with or without a boyfriend)... and I'm thankful that your parents want to be involved as well. Keep surrounding yourself with positive people who will support your decision. You will be a great mom... you've already proven that you love and care for your three precious babies by chosing to give them life. Now- watch how they bless your life and the lives of those around you. Good luck with your pregnancy. Blessings to you and your family.


TwinMommy - July 29

The love is there, you won't doubt it once they are born. Time is another matter...one will always wait...and not quietly. Try to laugh when you want to run in the middle of a busy street. You can only do so much...exhaustion peaked for me at month 4. I just laugh now and explain to them I only have 2 arms. You will be fine...this is small stuff.


natsaha - August 10

Wow Emma! Im glad you didnt go through with the termination! I'm also 18 and pregnant with triplets...all boys! 2 identicle one fraternal. I dont know what I would have done if my bf had wanted nothing to do with it. we had planned getting pregnant. I got pregnant within 3 moths after i canceled my depo shot. and then i found out at 9 weeks my first ultrasound that i was having 3, he was there by my side along with my mother, n the look on his face scared me. but he was happy about it, n he started to get more excited about having three instead of one, and i only have a little while left to go and hes more and more excited everyday. It'll be tough but i kno u can do it without him. if a womans body is strong enough to go through it all and carry three babies at once on our own, we're sure strong enough to take care of them and raise them just as good as with both parents! i dont want to sound rude but, ur young like me, and uve decided to go along with the pregnancy and he was a coward and walked away, and he might not admit it but im sure he'll regret it because it is a true blessing! so good luck to you and your babies! i had to rrespond because your story put tears in my eyes. ur clearly a very strong girl! Natasha



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