5wks And Showing

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sarahkm - January 6

Im only just over 5wks and there is twins on both sides of the family, very strong on my husbands side, his mom is a twin and his sister had twins but they say its only the girls that pass it on. Is that true? I already cant fit into my pants and havent changed any eating habits because i eat healthy! could it be twins?


Julie - February 5

I am wondering the same thing my pants are also getting to tight and I am almost 5 weeks?


Kimberly - February 12

I'm 6 weeks and my pants straight out don't fit lol. there are twins on my moms side and my husband is an identical twin. i'm wondering about twins also.


jessica - February 14

im 6 weeks just found out im having twins and i can not fit into my jeans neither .its possible.


Amy - February 23

Okay, I don't think there is any possiblity of me having twins, but I am certainly starting to bulge and I'm just over 6 weeks... Is this possible? I don't think I'm ready for this yet... At least those of you who think you might be having twins have an excuse! Does this mean I'm going to be HUGE?!


Sarahkm - February 24

Im not as big anymore I think it was mainly bloating. Now im 13 weeks and do have adefinate belly but still easily hidden


Mimi - February 28

Hi! As far as I know, if its your 2nd pregnancy, you fill out faster. However, when I became pregnant with twins (also my 2nd preg) I started getting big around 7 weeks. I always seemed to be about as big as a woman who would be 4 weeks ahead of me in pregnancy-- if that makes since:) And yes, the twin thing is pa__sed on maternally...the man has nothing to do with it:)


Kimberly - February 28

Went to my first visit today had a u/s got to see baby's heartbeat. I have to have another u/s next week Doc thinks it may be twins lol


Linda - March 2

I am 4 months and I look like 7 months. There are no twins in my family so I am the first. This is my third pregnancy and last. I didn't fit into my pants anymore around 5 weeks also, well they fit but they where not comfortable at all. The women determines singleton or multiple (the # of eggs) and the male give the chromosome (deteremines the s_x). I have a two our ultra sound every month so they can measure the baby's and my cervix. I do not know any body that has every had twins before. My emotions are EXTRA sensative and I am just wanting these next 4 months to go by extra fast.


melly - March 7

just six weeks and my pants just don't seem to fit at all they say with your second pregnancy you get big quick well its so true!!!!I can't believe it. I refuse to put maternity cloths on this b___t at six weeks pregnany.lol


nafeesah - March 8

hi im 8 weeks pregnant and i went to the hosp about pains they did a utrasound and said i am having twins and they dont run on my side or my husbabands side


Susan - March 9

I am the mother of twins. It has only to do with the women side of the family.You have the seed or seeds he has the fertilizer.So if they run in you side of the family you could. I personally gain 3 lbs at 5 weeks and a total of 38 pounds It depends on the person. My first I had just one and gained 55 lbs. I do know that morning sickness is 6x worse with twins.Good luck.


Gina - March 29

Darling.. by all means it is only on the female side.. Since you control the eggs...only one of his sperm can fertilize an egg.. He does choose the s_x.. But regardless if twins runs in your husbands side.. If you think about it.. there is really no way he can pa__s along the "twin gene" :) hope this helps.


Hazel - April 11

Identical twins do come from the father. The mother is responsible for fraternal twins. I have a set of twins and that info was given to me in the hospital and it has been doc_mented on the pregnancy websites as well.


Robyn - April 11

Gina- I beg to differ, I am 12 weeks with twins and they dont run in my family as far back as I can trace, but my bfs mothers cousin is a twin and he also has twins on his fathers side. So That throws your theory out the window.


yikes - April 11

Robyn that was an ugly answer!


Jennifer - April 20

Your husband has nothing to do with weather or not you have twins. It is only pa__sed throught the weman. If you and your husband have a girl and she picks up the "gene" then she could have a chance of having twins. If it is on your side and they are not identical then you may have a chance of having twins. I am a mother of twins. All pregnancies are different. I didn't start showing until five months with my twins and now I am 9 weeks pregnant with one baby and I can't fit into any of my pants either. I haven't gained any weight. You could be carying twins, but I wouldn't worry about it. Ask the doctor what your HCG amounts are and your progesterone count is as well and maybe that could tell you if you might be. Some doctors also do ultrasounds around six weeks and that could tell you as well. Good luck to you.



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