Could I Be Having Twins

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tonilee7 - June 1

Hi I am 21and this is my 2nd pregnancy. I have been reading info on how to tell if you are having twins.........I am currently in my 5th week, but when I was in my 4th week I couldnt sit down with out undoing my jeans due to them cutting into me, and I have been awfully tired compaired to my last pregnancy. I weighed myself 2 nights ago expecting to have gained wait but I have lost 4 kilos in 2 weeks. My mother had one set of twins and lost one set of twins and my fiances mother had twins and this all happened unaided. I also had morning sickness very early on (2 1/2 weeks). They say that when you are having twins you have a higher hcg level....I took my pregnancy test only 10 days after I concieved and it came up positive straight away. Could all this mean I am having twins??? And also my 4 year old son when asked whether mummy was having a boy or girl?? answered one of each.... And my mum had a dream I was going to have twins??? This is all very confusing......I guess all I can do is wait till I have my first ultrasound and see.... Is there anyone whom can ease my thoughts??


tonilee7 - June 1

And also my sister was hear on the weekend and we thought we would do some of those old wives tails just for fun and 9 out of ten of them said I was having twins, like hanging a needle over your belly, and picking a key up, and wether your pillow is facing to the north or the south, mine was facing east


twins4us - June 1

Unfortunately there is NO way w/o the u/s. Tons of women have suspected for the very same reasons you have mentioned and 99% of them(at least here and another board at ivillage) were pg with one. Getting a + hpt 10 dpo is actually common....the new test tout getting a + reading 5 FULl days before af is due to arrive which is 9-10dpo. Getting big early is usually 1st tri bloating...the baby or babies are smaller than a grain of rice and will not impact your uterus size at this point.


snugglybugglys - June 1

When I was prego with my twins I didn't get a positive until I was 8 1/2 weeks along. My mom did have a dream before I knew I was prego about 2 babies. She was like it isn't about Alysah (my first) was weird. She thought maybe it was a sign of change in her life. well it turned out it was about the two little beans that were in my tummy. I on the other hand was completely clueless. I had taken tons of hpt all negetive, so I thought I didn't have AF cause of nursing. Anyway, good luck with your US! :)



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