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Shey - April 10

I have noticed a pattern on these type of forums... I am not so sure that they are as helpful as we would like them to be. Many of these people are frauds as well as just plain and simple liars... A lot of these people are not at all what they appear. I dont know about you, but that my dear makes me very nervous. I want truth about the questions I have, not just made up stories of what seems like a good awnser. I want success stories from ladies that are really TTCing and may or may not have used clomid. I just want real people with real comments. I would appreciate it if anyone that is sincere would tell me how to look up in person groups about this type of stuff. Also is there anywhere else that only screens for women that are really going through these things or have gone through them? I hope that all of you will think before you listen to offered advice on here ... it may just be coming from a women that either has no children and pretending she does or maybe worst case, she is an abusive mother who had her kids taken away ... dont just listen to anyone on these forums... remember you cant see who they really are on the other side.


twins4us - April 10

it is quite sad how many people make up multiples. It isn't enough to make up twins they have to appear to be really unique and they make up higher order multiples. Almost every mom pg or who have more than trips here is a fake. It is sad because as you say the ppl who really want info have to weed thru the bs. I have gotten pretty good at spotting the fakers. They rarely can talk the talk, have no accurate info about preemies or the nicu and never have a current pic of the babies all together with the right dates.


mama-beans - April 13

Good post Shay.. and all the forums I have visited have the same issue. One forum I frequent ( it's pretty new) is http://www.forumshost.net/forums/index.php?mforum=family ( take out all the - ) and the moderators there ( I am one)have a pretty firm grip on liers and story-tellers. The TTC and multiples section is pretty slow right now, as there aren't many members who are at that stage, most are post-partum moms. But the more people we can get over there, the better! So far there hasn't been any major b___h sessions, lies, etc. Plus, there are some fun sections like a picture area and hobby area for people to "gather". Good luck!


Shey - April 14

mama-beans, For the life of me I can not seem to get to that link... I have cut and pasted what seems an infinate amount of times and it is not working... is there something missing from the link? Thanks again Shey


mama-beans - April 14

it's a pain... take out all of the dashes, leave the = (http://www.forumshost.net/forums/index.php?mforum=family)



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