Corpus Luteum Cyst

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Sheena - January 13

I went to the doctor i am 5 weeks pregnant and they said i have a corpus luteum cyst on my left ovary which is very normal.I read on this website that is a sign of more than one baby.Does anyone know about this?


Here's some info: - January 13

At the time of ovulation, the covering of the ovary tears open in order to release the egg. Within hours, this covering heals, and the cells in the ovary form a structure called the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum produces progesterone, the hormone that prepares the uterine lining cells for the arrival of the fertilized egg. Every menstruating woman, every month, forms a corpus luteum. However, cells can produce fluid within the corpus luteum and form a cyst. While a corpus luteum cyst is usually no larger than a small marble, sometimes so much fluid is produced that a cyst of a few inches results. The good news is that, like follicular cysts, practically all corpus luteum cysts will go away by themselves in a few weeks. Follicular cysts and corpus luteum cysts are collectively referred to as functional cysts.


me - January 13

actually like the pp said corpus cyst is a sign you ovulated. I have seen lots of ladies report TWO CL cysts and it was only one, so you never know.


Sheena - January 16

Oh ok thankyou


guest - January 16

Hello, I was wondering, does Clomid affect corpus luteum cysts?


momtoboys - January 20

With my first baby, I was measuring quite large at 8 weeks. My midwife thought I might be carrying twins, so she sent me in for an ultrasound. Turned out I just had a large corpus luteum cyst. It was about the size of a large orange (which is not normal) She said it was very common to get a cyst from the ovary that produced the egg. We had to keep an eye on it(so I got lots of ultrasounds!), and it went away on its own by 20 weeks. I only had one baby, so I don't know about it being a sign of multiples. I hope everything goes well for you.



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