If The Use Of U P Clomid Bothers You Why Keep Asking

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babs6219 - June 15

This isn't to be rude or ugly...I really wonder this. When you go back further in the lists, it seems like questions about the use of u/p clomid have been asked and answered many times....and the questions keep getting asked! I really don't think many of us will be changing our minds...and since it upsets so many of you...why keep asking? Thank you in advance for polite, clear answers. Good luck to you all! Bobbie


TripletMom - June 17

good question. The real question should be why is clomid always discussed on this forum. It should really be under a different topic


babs6219 - June 18

Thank you for your input, but I asked it here, since it certainly relates to and is a cause of multiple births. That's not the quetion I asked, therefore it's not " the real question". If no-one else answers, that's fine. I think we should probably consider agreeing to disagree on this topic...I believe we've discussed this on a similar topic, and you feel radically different than I do. That is of course your right...but I don't see either of us changing our minds in the near future. Again, I thank you for your time and input and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.


beckylol1 - June 19

Im going to take it no matter the bad vibes from this forum. I'm educated, have the love, time and money(although i hate to mention the latter but that seems to be most objectives concern). But most of all I know my body. It's my choice and in the democracy I live in I will take that option. Good luck to all. Tripletmom....how come you suddleny changed your mind about disscusing here?


babs6219 - June 19

Exactly! I am taking it....it actually caused a later than normal ovulation last month, and I'm waiting to see if this was our month. Good luck beckylol1, it's been a pleasure to read your posts! And I'm just trying to ignore the negative posters....


beckylol1 - June 19

To Bobbie****************BABY DUST****************** for youxxx. It also has been a pleasure reading your posts. From the UK to the US good luck hunnie.


babs6219 - June 19

Thank you sweetie! You, too! It's just so nice to see another advocate who's able to express herself clearly and eloquently!


TripletMom - June 24

Oh, I will discuss this here, but I think that it is better discussed on another forum. A lot of women truly come here to discuss their multiple pregnancy issues.



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