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Ashh - October 11

Did anyone carrying twins KNOW they were pregnant as soon as it happened? I am wondering if I am the only one who had twins, and knew from the second on that I had conceived... Anyway, anyone else have weird symptoms?


Erin - October 12

I have had a strong gut feeling about it since I got pg. However, to my knowledge, I'm having a singleton pregnancy... nurse said at the very beginning when my instinct was mentioned that it probably wasn't... and nothing has been said about twins since... I'm 11 weeks along! Oh well... I wish my gut feeling were correct.


Ashh - October 12

Erin: what were some of your gut feelings ( about pregnancy in general) , and how soon did you notice them?


Erin - October 12

At 8dpo something told me to take a test. I came home after work and took the only test I had at the house... it was positive. I had bloodwork done and at 10dpo my hcg level was already 125 and doubled in less than 48 hours. I've just had the gut feeling that it's more than one... I've had several "symptoms" but I know that they can also be seen in pg's without twins, so I really have nothing to go on except intuition and the "needle test". Have you done the needle test to yourself?


Ashh - October 13

I don't remember what was or was not done in finding out if I had twins. (It's amazing how the brain can stop working after they get here!) But what exactly is dpo (days post ovulation?) ? I might remember it when I hear it, but as for right now, my brain is mush! Thanks Erin.


Erin - October 13

Yes, dpo is days past ovulation... that means I got my positive pg test a full week before my period was even due! You really should do the needle test to figure out the gender of your babies... I'd be really interested to know how it turns out for you... with me it shows that my first pg will result in a boy AND a girl at the same time!


JWH - November 2

I know what you you are talking about. The second I got out of bed I knew that was it, I was pregnant. Maybe it was because we are having twins.


SR - November 10

i have had 2 singletons and i did not "know" the day of, but i definately "knew" both times within the first week... i couldn't tell you how, just an overwhelming gut feeling...must be some kind of maternal instinct or something...


Joanna - January 10

I knew I was pregnant immediately and also thought I had twins or triplets. I dreamed of them immediately and always refer to them as the babies. I am l2 weeks today and still go back and forth between twins and triplets. I have a lot of dreams of animals in triplets - two playing and one coming in late to play and dream of the babies as well. Last week my midwife thought she heard 2 heartsbeats and this week I get an ultrasound which will just prove me right as I will not be surprised.


Jo - January 10

What is the "needle test"?


Amy - January 24

I've had a feeling since I found out I was pregnant, but am almost 4 months pregnany and have YET to see the Dr to so much as hear a heart beat. I go in this week to get an ultrasound done for dating... Twins run in both sides of my family, but I haven't gained a lot of weight yet. (I gained 15 with my first by this time, and have only put on under 5 pounds now) Is it known to gain little weight in the begining with twins, and how often did 'gut feelings' override popular opionions? I know you guys aren't Dr.s but since I am not able to ask them yet... I look forward to your advise.



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