Responses To Twins

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Anne - August 1

Ok ladies...... It seems like everytime I tell someone I'm having twins I get responses like "Oh God! I'm so glad I don't have twins!" or "Did you cry when you find out?" Anyone else get responses like this? I actually asked someone "Well do you think I should abort one?".


Melissa - August 1

I've started to get some responses like that too and I've found that the response "better me than you, then" seems to work. I don't know what goes through people's heads before they blurt something out.


krystal - August 2

I get it all the time,and it really makes me mad.I think im quite lucky to have gotten pregnant with twins.I cant wait to see my babies,i think it will be quite fun and its a true blessing!!!!!!


Stacey - August 3

Hi Anne ! My favorite response when I told a few co- workers that I was expecting twins was " What type of fertility drug did you use and why ? My hubby and I were in shock and joy of having 2 little girls and we found out the twins are in my fathers side of the family. I never heard of Clomid until I started going on the chats here. All of us are so lucky and blessed and each day I am happier than the next.


Lisa - August 4

ha! Good for you! When I was huge enough for people to tell I was having twins... and after they were born,I got all the nosy questions, like, "do they run in your family? Did you take fertility drugs? How much weight did you gain? How much did they weigh? Did you try to have twins? Did you want twins? Are you having any more kids after the twins? How do you manage? etc etc" I also got unsolicited advice, and stupid comments like, "my brother and sister are identical twins". I just sighed and tried to be polite, figuring these people were just curious. But I didn't feel like sharing my weight, their weight, my family history, fertility etc etc with every stranger in the mall. I think it's pretty insensitive to say, "god I'm so glad I don't have twins". Some people are just ignorant, I guess.


Tulip - August 5

I hope you get good comments, too! I just want to say "Wow, what a precious little miracle!" Certainly sometimes people say good things, right!?



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