Already Pregnant With Multiples Ladies Here

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Curious Cat - November 7

This Forum was getting so filled up with wanna-be mommies of multiples, with illegal drug use and bad advice.. I thought I'd start a thread just for the mommies that are already pregnant.. So, How are you feeling? How far along are you? How did you react when you learned you were carrying multiples? How does your partner feel about all of this?


jillybean - November 9

Thanks. I must admit some of these forums lack a degree of maturity...I'm feeling great and was over the moon when I found out (as well as a little shocked). Though my father is a dizygotic twin, I only joked about it with my husband. We are especially happy being pregnant after loosing our little newborn girl in January shortly after birth. I'm now in my second trimester, week 22, and feeling fit. I feel doubly blessed...I gave birth naturally the first time but expect it to be quite a bit different with two.


DIDI - November 9

Hi ladies, i am 33 wks and enjoyed this journey with no complications.i did not plan the pregnancy and was so shocked whe i found out as my bf wanted me to abort.He is still around and says he will support 'his family".If only i know what that means.


Lora - November 10

Hello Ladies, I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins. I have had the worst morning sickness, but have found a great solution... sea sickness wristbands! Not the most stylish, but they work! My husband and I were shocked as twins do not run in either of our families, but are very excited!


Lora - November 10

DIDI~ Sorry to hear about your bf. Do you have family around to help? Hope all goes well with your and the babies!


DIDI:To Lora - November 11

Hi Lora,Actually my family is not around with me.i am in anothr province due to working reasons.i had yto be strng all aong for the sake of this two babies and i did pretty well even if i have to sayso myself.It was not easy but i have always been a self dependent person.good luck to all the ladies


bump - January 8



Anne - January 8

My twins are due any day now. If I haven't had them by Weds, my doctor is going to induce me. The last weeks of this whole thing are not fun. The pain and pressure are almost unbearable. Why anyone would TRY to have twins is beyond me. If they knew what the last weeks were like they would think again! But I'm about to hold my two beautiful babies and I can't wait!


happy mommy - January 9

i am 9w4d with twins when they first told me it was during an u/s at first i laughed then i cried was in shock for days hubby still in shock i think but we couldnt be happier god blessed us twice i too had really bad moning sickness its geting better everyday



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