Am I Expecting Twins

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Becki - March 15

I can't stop going to the toilet it feels like i have constant pressure down below, almost like when you have a water infection except for i'm not in pain its just annoying. I have had my urine checked and there was no sign of infection. I'm around 8 weeks pregnant and have already gone up a dress size. I have been told this could be a sign of twin pregnancy. Does anyone agree or is this normal. I didn't feel like this with my last pregnancy


emunah - March 15

People ask these questions all the time. Yes, it is possible you are carrying twins. However, it is just as possible that being that it is not your first pregnancy, the stomach is already somewhat stretched out, so you are getting bigger quicker. The only way to find out is via ultrasound. Good luck.


Trill - March 17

Hi Becki, I am pregnant for the fist time (9 weeks now) and like you had gone up a size by 8 weeks. I have also had ridiculously frequent urination some nausea and reflux, and unbelievable tiredness. Many people I know have recently had babies or are still pregnant and they all didn't show until about 14-16 weeks. I suspect I might be having twins but I guess only an ultra sound will confirm. I wish you well.


tina37 - March 18

hi becki,i am 11 weeks pregnant and look like i am 6 months gone.I am extreamly tired all the time and i think that the toilet is my second home lol.I also think i am having twins as i have felt movement,my ultasound is booked for thursday so all will be revieled.


HereIAm - March 22

Yes. You are having twins.


Our greatest gift - March 22

For tina37 did you find out if you are having twins?


Our greatest gift - March 22

"Here I am"- You REALLY have issues.... Are you truly sooo unhappy ? Are you rude to everyone or just to women who are having babies?


snugglybugglys - March 22

I know what a beast huh!?


HereIAm - March 22



snugglybugglys - March 22

Would you rather me say b___h instead?


Rhiannon - March 22

Yes, you should. She/he/it is a b___h. Here I am seems to be very bitter towards anyone who is pregnant with twins or has them. I have read other posts. Listen Here I am seek professional attention for your problems.


freebird - March 22

It's just someone trolling for responses. There's alot of that on this site.


HereIAm - March 22

Sure. Call me a b___h. At least I'm being honest. I might be a little blunt, but I'm not going to sugar coat. I just don't understand why people come on here and ask these kinds of questions!! I mean, they don't know us from Adam and they're going to ask us to diagnose pregnancy issues for them. Come on. Ask your doctor. Wait for an ultrasound!! How do I know over here in Timbuktu whether or not you're having twins???? Get real people.


freebird - March 23

HereIAm, this is a pregnancy/multiple birth forum. This is the place for people to express concerns like this. If it bothers you then just don't read these threads. They're not posting anything unethical or illegal, they're just looking for the experiences of those of us who have had a multiple pregnancy so they can make heads or tails of things until they get their ultrasound. Unless you have something worthwhile to contribute then why are you wasting your time posting to these threads? All you're doing is upsetting people, so yes, some people here will start calling you names.


Rhiannon - March 23

And she is asking whether her symptoms sound similar to twin symptoms. That is something people can certainly help her with.


HereIAm - March 23

I smell Troll. :-D



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