Any News Anyone Who Took Clomid Recently Give Us Hope

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julie-andrews - October 18

hi...anyone out there who recently has been taking clomid and been successful???we would all love to hear from considering it but want to see its actually doing something for most of you....otherwise see no point to take the fertile but am hoping ttc for twins....(not giving details as there is no need) please please share!!!


mama-beans - October 18

Are you only "successful" if you conceived twins+? Plenty of women get pregnant using prescrip. clomid, but usually with one perfect child, not more. Maybe check the First Trimester board to see successes with Clomid?


julie-andrews - October 18

if you read my thread i said 'anyone taking clomid recently and been successfull' reason for taking clomid is separate to what i am asking as i just want to see how well people are doing and whetehr i can relate to anything i might experience when i read info here.......i have been reading these boards for a while and lots of people claiming that they are or have started clomid in the last couple of days and week or am wondering how they are doing?thas all..everyone whether has one baby or more is considered me...


mama-beans - October 18

My mistake.. you ARE on a multiples board, and so many women here only want children if they come on pairs. My first child was conceived using prescription Clomid. I don't ovulate regularly and hubby has some issues. We got pregnant on our 3rd round of Clomid, 50mg days 5-9.


Shannon - October 19

To Mama beans no one here said they didn't want children unless they come in pairs!! If we can help ourselves get twins great, if we get singleton that is also GREAT!!


mama-beans - October 20

Actually, having spent quite some time reading on this board, I have to say that you are wrong, Shannon. I can't tell you the number of posts, both old and more recent, in which women who did some extreme measures in order to conceive multiples found out that they were pregnant... with a single baby, and spent a long while mourning for a child they never had. That other baby. ( and these women are consoled by others on the board, their feelings validated "I too would be mad that I only had one") In fact, some women have said that they resent their singleton pregnancy because it means it is just that much longer they will have to wait to try for the twin pregnancy again, or that this single baby has ruined all their dreams of parenting multiples. It's rediculious. I didn't say ALL women here think that way, but I have seen proof that MANY of them do. Sorry to take over your post julie-andrews, but you can see why even the hint that a singleton pregnancy isn't enough would be maddening to a mother who loves and wants all children, regardless of number.


... - October 20

This one lady on another board found out it was just one so she believes that she was pregnant with twins and lost one. No u/s, spotting or anything to indicate this, she just wants to believe that she was pregnant with twins. Pretty d__n sad not to mention scary.


Angela W. - October 20

Hi Julie, I have not had any sucess yet, this is my first cycle and I do O normally. I just got a positive OPK!! My first in two cycles!!! Dh and I will be thrilled with anything 1, 2, 38, We don't care!! We just want to have another angel. I don't know which posts these other ladies are reading, but the posts that I am following everyone is so excited anytime there is a pg, twin or not. Anyway I hope you get some ACTUAL responses to your question, there is nothing more frustrating that asking a question and getting everything but the answer. Good Luck and Baby Dust******************


julie-andrews - October 21

thanks angela....ithere is a new thread just recently where the ame questions has been asked so am folloing that would be nice to get first hand info on how people are doing....



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