Anyone A Twin Who Had Twins

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lovinmybaby - February 16

Hey just curious to know if any of you mommys or mommy-to-bes have a twin. I'm a faternal twin and have 2 other sets of faternal twins in my family (same mom and dad). I heard its only passed down every other generation. Is this true? My dh and I are hoping to have twins with our 3rd pregnancy. Let me if you are or any other info would be great! Thanks!


georgiad - February 16

My sister in law is a twin and they just had twin girls 2 months ago! Don't know if its a coincidence or what!


Diddybubby - February 22

I am also a fraternal twin & did get pregnant (naturally) with twins before although I miscarried. Am now on my 4th cycle of Clomid which has been increased to 150 which should increase my chances (as well as being age 36). Are you on Clomid or are you doing this on your own? Good luck to you and your DH.


frozenfeet - February 22

a good friend of mine was a fraternal twin and she just delivered a set of fraternal twins!


hapistuff - February 23

Well my husband is a paternal twin. And we are having twins.


goosey - March 1

I am an identical twin and the mother of spontaneous (natural) triplets. 2 identical, 1 fraternal. Have been told that the fraternal comes from over is usually genetic, although never happened in our family before. This (fraternal) comes from the moms side. The identical part is genetic and comes from either side. Our family generally is every other generation for identicals, never before fraternals. I will tell ya, my step dads family has a set of fraternal twins every generation, he himself is one, his sister had a set and a neice had a set. Soo, you could very well have twins! Good luck and as they say in the more than 2 multiple world, be careful what you wish


TeresaG - March 11

Hi there, well I am an identical twin, my husband is a fraternal twin and I am 21 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins!!! We are very excited as we have always dreamt of having twins. All of our friends and family said it would skip a generation and never happen, but voila our dreams have come true!!! I learnt about a study done in Africa to increase your chances of having twins by eating yams. There is a chemical in the skin of the yam which makes a woman ovulate more than one egg a month. When my husband found out about this, we started eating yams. We ate yams periodically for about 2 years, and then this summer we decided to start trying for a family in the October, so we ate yams every single day for about 4 months!! and voila we got pregnant with twins first try! We have no other twins on either side of our families, and the fact that I am identical is supposed to a fluke and non-hereditary. Hereditary twins only follow on the mothers side so I am convinced the yams had something to do with it! Good luck and I hope you get the twins you wish for! Teresa


Heather F - March 14

TeresaG- what type of yams did you eat?



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