Anyone Else Pregnant With Twins

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Juliebell - October 3

Hey everyone!! I am just wondering to those of you who are actually pregnant with twins (or more), when did your morning sickness go away? When did you start to show? How far along were you when they told you if your twins were identical or franternal? I just have so many questions, I am 12 weeks preg with twins, and feel like no one knows what I am going through. Don't get me wrong I am sooo blessed and happy to be carrying twins, it would just be nice to share with someone who has been there!! Thanks, adn take care!!


MsMonet - October 3

Hello Julie- I am 21 wks pregnant with fraternal twins... A boy and A girl... I felt morning sickness at around 6wks. I would only get the feeling as if I was sick and had to vomit but would only vomit if I didn't eat right away or if I accidently swallowed toothpaste. I started showing alittle early because I have a few fibroids, also. I really began to show around 8 to 9 wks. In the beginning, I had bad bad bad heartburn. Thank God that is no more... I get my Level 2 test, next friday. My twins are kicking away. They started moving around week 16. You should subscribe to pregnancy week by week. You will get an email each week telling you what is going on with your baby.... It's really neat.


julie2007 - October 3

hi julie - your RE / OB should be able to tell you at / from your earliest ultrasound if there is 1 sac or two - so you'd know ident / frat. . . did you use ART? (IUI / IVF) -- congrats on the twins! you're just about out of the first tri -- you'll start feeling better soon.


samehere - October 3

I already had my twins but I can still answer your questions. My morning sickness never was bad but it would come and go through the entire pregnancy. I was 12 weeks when they found out it was twins and about 2 weeks later, I popped out over night and looked about 20 weeks. Even though my twins were in different sacs with their own placentas, they would not say if they were fraternal or identical because they were both boys and there was still a chance that they were identical. When they were born, they looked a lot alike though one was way bigger than the other. It wasn't until one developed blue eyes while the other had brown and they started looking so different that we knew they were fraternal.


poohqua - October 4

samehere- was you on Clomid? Or was it natural


freebird - October 4

I already had my twins too (they're almost a year old now). I never really had morning sickness so I can't say when it stops. I started showing around 16 weeks. I found out that my twins were likely fraternal pretty early on due to the placement of the placentas and it was confirmed at 20 weeks when I found out they were boy/girl.


mrssolo - October 4

Hi Juliebell I'm 29 weeks with twin boys. I had very bad "all day sickness" until about 16 or 17 weeks then it started to fade. I lost over 15 lbs. in the first two trimesters. But toward the end on the second trimester I started to gain it all back and some. The doctors had told me mixed things about the boys being identical or fraternal. I looks as If I have one placenta which should make them identical, but it also is in the delta shape, which may mean two placenta's that have merged together. They say we will have to wait until they are born to know for sure. I have been feeling my twins move since about 15 weeks, but I had a previous pregnancy and knew what movement felt like. Now it looks like I have aliens in my belly because you can watch my belly move from across the room. My boys are estimated to weigh 3lbs. and 3lbs 2oz. and I still have at minimum another 8 weeks to go. I'm uncomfortable and tired and just stopped working this week. my toes looked like they were growing out of my thighs. It has been fun and a blessing but I'm done and ready to have my boys to hold and not in my belly anymore......


samehere - October 4



samehere - October 4

poohqua- My twins are natural. In fact, most twin moms on here conceived their twins naturally.


Juliebell - October 6

Thank you everyone for your response, i find it hard to relate to my pregnant friends sometimes because evrything is so different. I went for my first appt with my high risk ob, he was amazing!! Heard both heartbeats, and loved every second of it!! I do hope to keep in touch with you all!! Take care


melmar - October 7

how did you find out that you were pregnant with twins. im 14 weeks pregnant i suffer from really bad mygrain head ahces . really bad morning sickness . i swear that i can feel the baby moving


sandra_rivera20 - October 7

i had mine 5 yrs ago and i never new i was having twins my morning sickness was horrible it lasted until about 2 weeks before they were born every appt my doctor only heard 1 heart beat i though my child was going to be a very hyperactive kid because the beby never slept there was movement in my stomach 24/7 i was so bad that i had to quit getting in cars i would get so dissy and throw up at 7 months my 1st ultrasound and that's when they tell me that i am having twins and 4 weeks later i had 2 beautiful baby boys


montie75 - October 8

Hey Juliebell!! I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with twins. (boy/girl) I am really getting big and loving every bit of it!! They are really moving all around, and that is on of the joys........feeling the movements. My twins are obviously fraternal, which is fine with me. Have you started showing? I started showing at around 8 weeks. I have been blessed with NO m/s at all during this pregnancy. Not sure why, but I am not complaining!! LOL................I do get very tired though. When is your next u/s?? Do you plan on learning the gender?


jjhysaw - October 9

Well i am currently 14 weeks pregnant with my second set lol, so I maybe abl eto offer some answers and such since I have been there once already and am there again. My first set were fraternal, though this was not solidified till they were born, my second set is identical, they know this becaus ethey are in the same sack and they feel they share the same placenta. My morning sickness for this pregancy just ended about 2 days ago and I really dont remember any with my boys. Congratulations and if you have more questions I am willing to try answer as best I can. The most important thing to remember right now is just to take it easy and enjoy the ride.


montie75 - October 9

JJ-WOW, two sets?? Way to go!! I am so big already!! I can't imagine what I am going to look like in 2 more months! LOL................I try to take it easy. I am still getting tired alot. Never really had that 2 trimester energy boost!! Do you work?? If so, when did you stop with your previous pregnancy? Is this one similiar for you??


mrssolo - October 9

Well I didn't have a second trimester boost. I have been exhausted since day one. I can't wait for these little guys to come. I can't imagine havinh two sets but knowing my luck..... If I ever let my hubby touch me again.... I'll have another set. I really want a little girl, so I'm tempted to try again in a few years, not for twins, lol just one but I'll take what I can get. I'm now heading into week 30 and having the worst contractions, they are not regular but they are a sign the babies are coming. I'm trying to get everything done and ready fast. I hope everyone is feeling good and hanging in there.


Juliebell - October 9

Hey everyone! I am so glad you all could help, I am doing good, still battling the morning sickness but no big deal!! I do think I starting to show, since about 11 weeks or so. I am goign for another ulrasound on the 24th on this month so I will be sure to ask if they are identical or fraternal, although I am pretty sure they are fraternal just based on the picture from the first ultrasound. We don't plan to find out the gender because that is the only thing stopping me from spending all our savings!! When did you all feel the babies start to move around in there? I heard it is a little earlier with oo, I can't wait!! Hope all is well!!



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