Anyone Had Twins And Didn T Know It Until Delivery

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Me2 - June 27

Hello everyone! I am looking for stories from those who have surprisingly delivered twins after thinking it was only one. The reason I'm interested in this is because I have had three or four ultrasounds for different reasons, and only one baby is showing. This is my fourth pregnancy and it is EXTREMELY different from the rest. I have consistently measured bigger than my dates. At my last visit I was 29 weeks 5 days and measured 37 cm! During the ultrasounds (last one at 18 weeks)my fluid levels were fine, no tumors, baby measured on point with my last period, and only one baby showed. My blood pressure has been up and down (never had this problem before), has had 2 glucose test which were both normal. I have been feeling a lot of pressure around my cervix and am really swollen down there (sorry if this is tmi). My iron levels have dropped. I have lost about 5 or 6 lbs though my uterus is continuing to grow. There were several sets of twins conceived in my family, though only one is actually living. I truly feel like I am carrying twins, but the ultrasounds have only detected one! Anyone?!


PrincessesMom - June 27

Wow! The only cases I have heard of were in the 70's when ultrasounds were fairly new. That being said, I would really be wondering too. I am a firm believer in women knowing their bodies better than anyone else. Good luck and keep us posted! Do you know the s_x of the baby that is showing?


Me2 - June 27

Thanks for responding PrincessesMom. No, I do not know the s_x of the one that is showing. Each ultrasound after the 18th week, the baby was not in a position to for the tech or midwife to tell. Maybe I am feeding too much into the telltale signs, but I was just wondering. I'll scream if one more person at work asks me if I'm do any day now and when I say "no" then I'm asked if it's twins? lol.


PrincessesMom - June 27

How frustrating! I have 3 little girls from a previous marriage, my husband doesn't have any children of his own so we would really like to have a child together. 1 year ago we got pregnant and the baby stopped developing at 6 weeks and now it seems to be taking forever to get pregnant. I just started clomid which increases fertility and brings the chance for twins up to about 10%. I would love to have twins with my wonderful husband. Hopeully in about 20 days I will have a positive pregnancy test and we can dream of healthy, chubby, giggling, twins together!


Me2 - June 27

I'm sending a lot of baby dust your way princessesmom! Open up and catch it, lol. Good luck to you. They say the statistics of twin pregnancy is fertility treatment, over 35, four or more pregnancies, and family history. I see you meet one of the criterias. Anymore?


PrincessesMom - June 27

I am on 50mg of clomid, 28 and a half, this will be my 5th/4th viable pregnancy, and I have fraternal 1st cousins and itentical 2nd cousins. What do you think? I'm so excited, I can't wait! What is your due date? Have you thought of names yet? How many children do you have? Boys? Girls?


Me2 - June 28

This is my fourth pregnancy. I have boy (13), girl (10), boy (3). If this is a boy his name will be Aaron Demetrius or if it's a girl the name will probably be Rachel Olivia (and that's a big probably). What about you? What are the ages, s_xes of your children? btw those chances look good, let's keep our fingers crossed!


PrincessesMom - June 29

I have 3 little Princesses, the are 8, 6, and 19 mo. They are so much fun! I am a major girly girl and love that I have a house full of baby dolls and fairy wings. I'm hoping for 2 more girls, of course my husband would like a little fishing buddy. It sounds like you have a busy house too! Isn't the youngest so much easier when the older two are old enough to really be helpful! When my older two were little I think I had to play peek-a-boo through every shower for about 3 years, now the baby has little babysitters during my showers.....Its wonderful!!! Hopfully you will get the chance for another ultrasound, but it would be very exciting to be suprised. Did you find out the s_x of your 1st 3 children?


Me2 - June 30

Nope, I did not know the s_x of any of my children-at least not through ultrasound. My grandmother was a queen at that. She told me what I was having with my first two based on old wives tales and her own wisdom (she had 10 children-8 girls 2 boys!) and she was right each time! With my third baby, I had a spiritual confirmation of what I was having (my pastor and his wife saw him before he was even conceived, then the day before I went in labor, my daughter saw him in a dream which she called a nightmare because she wanted a sister, lol ). Now that she is older, I think she likes the fact of being the only girl, though she still wouldn't mind a sister.


PrincessesMom - June 30

When was pg with my first, I decided that I didn't want to find out but when the u/s tech asked if I wanted to know, I couldn't say no. So I found out with my first 2 and I was determined to let the 3rd be a suprise, but because of extenuating circ_mstances I went ahead and found out. I'm hoping that this time can be a suprise! There is a man at our church who knows the s_x of a baby every time, it is amazing. He says that he can just see it in the mother's eyes. He tells every pg woman he meets and has only been wrong once.


Me2 - June 30

It is amazing what some people can do isn't it. This is the first time I actually WANNA know and am clueless, lol. I go for my 30 week check up today. Since I ended up seeing her last week I thought she would let me skip this appointment and wait until my next one which is the 14th, but she wants me to come in today, so I am off. I'll let you know how it goes. I am still counting down with you. Only 17 days left until we know something, right?!


PrincessesMom - July 2

How did your Dr. appointment go? Maybe she will be suspicious that there is a baby hiding behind the other one and set up another u/s for you. I have read some other forums where people have written stories of other people who had a twin that was hiding, but it seemed to be about people they didn't personally know. One found out at a late u/s, one at the birth (did't show in u/s), and one the Dr. hear like a shadowing heart beat that lead to a detailed u/s. I guess u/s still aren't perfect. Today is day 13 of my cycle, so we are in the fun part of the month. I probably wont be able to wait until I'm late to take the pg test. I'll take an early test probably on day 24 and then every couple of days after that. I have no patients when it comes to knowing if I am pregnant or not. It is amazing to think that conception might be tomorrow and then just 10 days later I will know.


Me2 - July 3

My doctor's appointment went fine. My midwife was extremely busy, so the doctor ended up seeing me for her. He made no comments, but after he measured me (twice) he then checked for the baby's head to see if it was head down because I measured 38 weeks (remember last week I was 37, so this means i am growing an inch a week!) and sometimes if the baby is breech your uterus will measure bigger because the baby is "standing". But, the baby is head down and causing a lot of pressure on my bladder (I could've told him that). He did say it was odd that the heart rate was the exact same as last week, whatever that meant, but it was nothing to be concerned about. I lost almost 2 lbs, so he has me drinking ensure for the rest of the pregnancy. I just find it so strange that I am losing weight or staying the same (haven't gained more than pregnancy weight yet), yet the size of my uterus it two months ahead of schedule! By the way, I counting with you.


twins4us - July 5

It is highly unlikely to miss twins after 4 u/s. The twins that are usually missed arre ones from u/s done early. Twins missed past 18 wks is about 1%....there are simply too many limbs and body parts. u/S are done in real time and the babies will not shadow each other 100% of the time so the tech would have seen two heads, two placentas, two umbilical cords.... If your children are close together you can measure 7 cm bigger. Many moms of multiples will measure 10-12cm bigger than dates with multiples. Most stories of twins being missed are NOT recent ones. I have never seen it happen in my twin moms groups or the last 5 yrs on various multiple boards.


Me2 - July 5

Thanks for your response twins4us. I no longer believe I may be pregnant with twins. I am now just a little tickled over the measurements, that's all. My midwife did tell me they will probably monitor my growth to decide if they are going to all me to go to week 39 or 40 or to make sure the size doesn't trigger preterm labor. The age of my children are 13, 10 and 3 years of age. This did not happen with any of them. There is no logical explanation. It is not twins, I am not diabetic, not too much fluid and though I am overweight, when the doctor measured me (he claims to have experience with overweight women) he and my midwife felt for the location of my uterus while having braxton hicks contractions. So right now, like I said, I'm just tickled. By the way, I heard on the news this morning that a lady in England went to the hospital complaining of really back stomach cramps and found out she was nine months pregnant! She delivered the baby 1 hour later and then another about 2 minutes after that. She had twins and didn't even know she was pregnant! Now talk about surprise!


PrincessesMom - July 6

I'm going to test in 8 days and the suspence is killing me! To top it off, last night my Ex told me that he was having a baby due March 1st. If my conception date was July 4th as it should be, my due date will be March 27th (My Ex's b-day). I told my husband that we will just have to top my Ex by having twins! My girls are really excited about his baby, I feel like he sort of stole my thunder. My poor girls, they are going to have 2 half-siblings born within weeks of each other. I'm already thinking about hings like "What if both babies have high school graduation at the same time?" CRAZY! That is all I can say, CRAZY!


Me2 - July 6

Relax Princessesmom! Don't fret. You are starting/adding to your new family, don't let your ex's news ruin it for you. Besides, we have the "babies" to concentrate on, LOL.



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